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[Staring at you. Intently.


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[Scott looks around uncertainly to see if there's anyone else around, but nope. Just him. Who is this guy?]

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[That might sound like a bit of an odd name if it weren't for the fact that his best friend's real first name is one he can't actually pronounce and he nicknamed himself Stiles instead because he hated it so much.]

Scott. [There's a hint of caution to his voice, even though his smile is faint and friendly.]

Everything okay, Castiel?
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[ The Doctor is going to just stare back at Castiel with equal intensity. ]


[ In his hand is his sonic screwdriver, and he looks down at it wondering if it is the object of interest. ] Oh! Are you looking at this? Or... [ The Doctor glances at the door he is trying to pry open. ] ... That!
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[ The Doctor's similar lack of respect for personal space only seems to apply when he's the one doing the invading. He steps back when Castiel starts to sniff, and he swats at him with the hand welding the sonic. ] Oi! You're a bit invasive!

[ But the very thought of being called, wrong and arranged differently is almost insulting. ] Wrong?! I'd have you know, I'm arranged just fine for my species! [ And, leaning forward The Doctor does some space invading of his own that involves lots of peer, and probing with his sonic. He has since forgotten about the door he was trying to pry open. ]

Stuffing yourself into a human skin is so...[ The Doctor rolls his eyes with a look of disinterest. ] ...overdone!
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[ The Doctor looks down at the sonic, while it might tell The Doctor it what Castiel is, but he can tell there is human DNA mixed with something that doesn't quite belong.

And, there is lot of something that doesn't belong there. The Doctor looks up from his sonic screwdriver, and with a smile on his face at the apology.
] Don't worry about personal boundaries! They're so very... [ The Doctor gives Castiel a poke in the chest. ] ... human. And, trust me, I've got friends that tell me to be mindful of my own manners.

[ And, in an answer to Castiel's question. ] Yes and no. It can tell you've got a lot of stuff in you that doesn't mesh well with human genetics. As to what you are, no, it doesn't tell me that much. But, the whole sniffing thing was a dead give away!
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[ The Doctor's been known to lick things, so he doesn't have room to talk even if he hasn't licked anyone. Yet.

When Castiel brings his attention back to the door, The Doctor shifts from right to left with either a look of embarrassment or guilt. He then walks back over towards the door he is still trying to open.

I left something of importance on the otherside, and I would like to be able to get it back. [ Reuniting himself with the TARDIS is important, and he goes back to using the sonic to attempt to get the door open. ] I'd hate to see what would happen if someone got their hands on her.
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Good morning, citizen.

[His visor tilts down slightly. Alex doesn't seem to care if Castiel is within his personal space. It would've bothered the old Alex Murphy way back when, the whole having a stranger right in his space thing, this guy who seems to have no idea what blinking is]
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Shiny? [Alex's voice has a distinct electronic double-tone to it. He'd almost, almost sound amused if it wasn't for that flat line his mouth is pressed into. (Don't worry: it's his neutral face. It's also his "your have two seconds to comply" and "you require immediate pacification" faces.

It's multi-purpose like that.

You don't register as inebriated. [Alex would've been able to pick up on that, even if Castiel wasn't so close he would've probably gotten decked in the face if he tried this with anyone else. The stubble on Castiel and the rumpled clothes seem to indicate "transient". Substance abuse is common with transients, after all] The RC-2000 program has been in place for weeks, now. It's not new.
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[Alex is currently thinking Castiel is guilty of possession - and influence - of some unknown substance. As substance abuse goes, though, Castiel's one of the more polite offenders he's ever met: no pleading about the stash, no "b-but Officer", no running or trying to throw punches. Nothing aside from some intense staring that could start fights in the wrong neighborhood and philosophical debates.

Tasing probably won't be necessary. Alex keeps his pistol holstered, staring down at Castiel

In other words, you have the one life to live. [Alex sounds like he's just repeating something word for word, like a recording]
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Hey! What's up?
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Observing is good. Let's you get a lay of the land before making any kind of rash decisions. Or decisions in general. Because you should look before you leap. [Not that Babs ever really takes that advice herself. But she sure hears it a lot.]
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Doesn't it? Yet so few people actually take it to heart. [Don't you worry, Cas. Babs is a Grade A troublemaker, in that she makes trouble for Batman by nagging him to drink his orange juice every day. In short, she's a monster.]

So anyway, hi! I'm Barbara, or Babs, doesn't really matter. Are you new here?
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Don't let anything you've heard before you got here colour your perception. Gotham's a real nice town. In the daylight. Usually.

Castiel's a pretty nifty name.
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That's the spirit! Just, you know, avoid dark alleys. Never hurts to be a little cautious.

Anytime. Welcome to the city.
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[Stares right back with a raised eyebrow.]

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[Derek did hear that and his body tenses. Castiel smells human but there's something off about it. Derek keeps his distance to the other man, eying him cautiously and watches his every move. He spots the sword in his hand and that's enough to send off warning bells in his head.]

There's no need of swords here.
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[Within seconds Derek shifts. His eyes glows blue, which probably wouldn't help his case, and his claws are out. He growls and goes into a defensive position. He can see the wings with his werewolf eyes. An actual angel? He hadn't got any more time to consider it. He was ready for battle.] I am not the one you're looking for. I haven't killed anyone. Jennifer Blake, a Darach, was behind these latest murders. Not me. I'm a predator but not a killer.

[He then howls. It's a loud a deafening sound. Scott or any other werewolf would know that he was in danger.]

Look into my head if you must to know that I'm innocent.

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[Derek wasn't unfamilair with having someone in his head. His mother was an Alpha who knew how to use her powers. Removing memories should be more unplsesant than reading minds. He thought. Derek stepped up to the angel. He remained shifted however as his guard was still up.]

Do it then.
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[Loki's eyes are going to narrow in suspicion immediately, the line of his shoulder growing taut with tension because he can see, sort of, see what this being truly is. His magic perceives light and ice and power tightly folded to fit in this unassuming vessel and the discrepancy makes him wary, almost uncomfortable. He tilts his head to the side and doesn't reply.]
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Not in this dimension, no. [Loki sees no reason to lie at the moment.] I am unsure of how your Father fares in mine.

[He grins then, showing far too many teeth to be anything but malicious.]

What do you want, angel? [Somehow, he manages to make that sound as both a threat and a term of endearment.]
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[Daddy issues? Takes one to know one.]

I'm assuming you do not mean biblically, because that would be rather forward of you.

[Loki raises a mocking eyebrow. He has no intention of picking a fight if it can be avoided, but he can't resist the opportunity for mischief when he sees it.]
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[Oh Lord, Dean is not in the mood today. He's sitting at the desk of the library in the Men of Letters home base nursing a bottle of whiskey to his chest. There were days when Castiels' sudden appearance would cause the hunter alarm but now he doesn't even seem to notice when the angel pops in.

Sighing Dean takes a long swing from the bottle, his eyes searching the page of the heavy leather book sitting in front of him.]

What you want, Cas.
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/return noogie.

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[Cain's mark was searing on his arm. Dean's already sharp edge in his personality and it was getting more deadly by the minute. He felt like he was constantly balancing on a hair thin wire and any moment the hunter dropped his guard his world would just explode around him.

And now he's lashing out at Castiel. Great. With eyes like those yelling at the angel was like kicking a three legged puppy. Way to go, Winchester. Way to go.]

Could do with some pie and the latest issue of Busty Asian Beauties.

[A calloused palm runs over his own face as Dean pushes back away from the table. He looks up at Cas and shakes his head before Dean's pushing himself up out of the chair with the bottle of booze still in hand.]

Nah man, I could use a break. [Just for an excuse to do something Dean walks away from desk to the bar set up they have in the corner. Easy access for all Dean Winchesters many vices sins. Ducking down behind the counter its easy for the hunter to pull out two tumblers and sets them down on the bar. He pours the booze from one glass to the other, watching the amber liquid flow from it's confines like a rapid waterfall. When the glasses were to his satisfaction Dean sets the bottles down on the bar and takes the glasses, walking back over to Cas and hands off one of those ambrosia filled chalices to the angel.]

So what's the news on angel radio?
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[Dean can feel those heavy blues on him. After spending so much time with the angel he's sort of got this 'sense' when Cas is giving him the creepy stalker glare. The hunter, thankfully, chooses to ignore the look. Instead he puts his efforts in leaning against the edge of the big table as he drinks his whiskey.

Ah, what a burn. Almost numbs the pain. Almost.

Hey now Cas, when you figure that out do us a favor and let Dean know, okay? This guy could do with some other plan for ganking that red headed bitch. The mark is really scarring in to his soul. He can feel all the humaness about him burning up from the inside.

Jade eyes settle on the angel as Castiel takes a swing of the alcohol. Dean can't hide the smile that's on his lips to see some traces of Castiel's mortal life digging its way out of that angelic garbage.]

Don't give a shit unless it's directly effecting them, huh? What a bunch of winged dicks.
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Low and behold. Castiel is finally with the program. The world must be ending. [God Dean can't help but be a massive asshole. What is wrong with him?] Well you know your family. They've always been pig headed and stupid.

[Oh shut up. Like Dean had much of a choice. The demon has to die.

Baby in a trench coat. Some things never change. Even if Castiel's costume did.

Oh yay. Something to look forward to.]

Yeah yeah yeah, don't apologize for not being able to get it up. We all have our moments.
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[Dean clenches his jaw, looking over at Castiel before he sighs and runs his hand over his own face.] No. No you don't. I'm just being a prick.

[There was a click in his jaw as Dean felt his body shift. He was nursing his drink pretty close before he tipped his head back and just downed the entire thing. Licking his lips the hunter kicked out a chair for Cas before reclaiming his own spot on the other chair and opened up a book.]

It'd be faster if we work together.
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[Blink. Um. Okay. Is there something on her face? Buffy reaches up to brush a hand over her hair instinctively.]

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[...As if reducing a centaur to goo with a plasma pistol wasn't bad enough, Abby had been certain that she'd lured this thing into a dark and hidden alley. There's an awkward silence on her part before she finally speaks, the helmet covering her head modulating her voice and hiding any trace of gender or even emotion in the voice.]

...Hi. [Says the world's most awkward six foot two woman.]