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'̵̕͢.̡́͝'̧,,̀͝..'̡͘'̴,̢͡,̸'̴. ⚔ DRACO ([personal profile] keepstothecode) wrote in [community profile] sixwordstories 2014-11-17 02:52 am (UTC)

Oh, don't be so silly. You won't need to use it. At least not on my account. [To come armed with a sword at all, Draco can only assume that Horvath is expecting company other than a stray dragon begging for scraps at his door.]

You'll share your supper with the likes of me? [He doesn't sound nearly as suspicious as he should and Draco is perhaps a little too eager as he quickly lowers himself to the ground with a heavy thud, pressing his wide snout nearer the door, level with Horvath's chest. He could never fit it through, of course, at least not without buckling the walls in on themselves - which would be all too easy to do, really, considering the state of the place - and so he waits with only a single, enthusiastic flick of his tail.] Why, we don't even know each other.

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