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Maxim Horvath ([personal profile] bitterguardian) wrote in [community profile] sixwordstories 2014-11-17 03:02 am (UTC)

[It never hurts to be prepared, but he tends to expect Morganian sorcerers rather than dragons at his door. The latter is something of a pleasant surprise. The man- fairly large for a man, very tall and sturdily built, rests his sword against the wall inside the doorway, and gives the dragon a formal and serious bow.] I would be honored. Your kind is... rarer to encounter, than when I was a boy, and rarer still to give a man the benefit of doubt and conversation.

[He glances back at the whole deer he's wrestled onto a spit in the crumbling fireplace. He was lucky in hunting today, and it would have fed him for a month, preserved properly. He'll just have to go hunting again tomorrow. He's not sure if the dragon will want his portion rare.] Should I pull it off before it gets fully cooked?

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