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[Something large sniffs around your home.]
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[His magic would be more effective than the sword, but he'd prefer to use neither.] My master taught me respect for the beings who've walked this world far longer than man. [That includes dragons, and fae, and an assortment of other creatures.]

I'll take it off so you can eat now... [He smirks just a little, but not unkindly. Horvath knows what it is to be hungry. He'd also prefer the dragon not break the doorframe, since he's potentially stuck here until the weather clears. Putting words to action, Horvath turns away, feeling safe enough to put his back to the dragon. The deer is carefully pulled down, and he braces one end of the spit it's on against his shoulder long enough to slice off one haunch. It's still enough to feed him for days, and he leaves it close to the ashes- it needs more cooking still, for his taste. Then he pulls it off the spear with a grunt, and drags the rest of the carcass over to the door. It's already skinned, gutted, and headless, but the majority of it is still raw.]
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He was... [Horvath smiles wistfully, and moves back to put the haunch he's saved back on to cook for a while. Then he grabs his fur cloak and settles by the doorway to sit, companionable but just out of range of any stray bits of meat or blood as the dragon eats. He has no fear of dark sorcerers coming around while there's a dragon in his doorway. This creature is better protection than any magic wards he could set.]
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...More like a father. Or at least so I thought, for a number of years. [His smile is slightly crooked, because his relationship with his mentor- and his fellow apprentices turned out to be a complicated one.]

His name was Myrrdhin. Or Merlin... the language is different, here.
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I'm afraid his works in the world are becoming tainted by rumor, and the usual distortions of time, but yes... he was a good man. He held himself to high ideals... [Sometimes too high, for both himself and his students, but Horvath has great respect for his master despite lingering mixed feelings about him.]