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[Something large sniffs around your home.]
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Yay Draco! Here's a fellow (Space) Dragon.

[personal profile] kittysdragon 2014-11-17 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
[Lockheed is instantly alert at the scent of... no, really, that's impossible. He's gonna glance out of the-

Huh. Well you're a much bigger dragon aren't you?]

Ah... hi?
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[A big dragon like him isn't going to be able to be stealthy like Lockheed can be at a foot tall. But the small dragon values the need to find food, and since he doesn't shows any signs of aggressive behaviour Lockheed adopts a similar attempt at a smile. Even if he does feel mildly insulted at the notion of him just 'passing for a dragon'.]

Hmmmm, my race at any rate, we're all this size.

[He flaps up to open the window so he can perch there and talk to his larger counterpart better.]

If yeh say so. I'm Lockheed, nice to meet yeh! Never thought I'd meet another dragon like yeh again. A nice one, anyway.
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[Not so much home as a broken-down cottage, abandoned until recently. When the snow started coming in, somebody took up habitation of the place, and now there's the smell of roasting meat from the chimney.

Against wise judgement, the man inside opens the door at the sounds, a sword in one hand, and a glowing ring on the other. There is the distinct, ozone-tinged scent of magic power. The man looks out... and up.]

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Not unless required in self defense. [To his credit, the sword remains lowered at his side. He's wary, but calm, studying the dragon with neither fear nor anger. This is not the first he's seen, but some prove friendlier than others. He eyes the dragon, then gives a belated glance to the smoke from the chimney. His smile is very faint, but genuine.]

I don't have much to share, but if you'll let me keep one haunch, you can have the rest.
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[It never hurts to be prepared, but he tends to expect Morganian sorcerers rather than dragons at his door. The latter is something of a pleasant surprise. The man- fairly large for a man, very tall and sturdily built, rests his sword against the wall inside the doorway, and gives the dragon a formal and serious bow.] I would be honored. Your kind is... rarer to encounter, than when I was a boy, and rarer still to give a man the benefit of doubt and conversation.

[He glances back at the whole deer he's wrestled onto a spit in the crumbling fireplace. He was lucky in hunting today, and it would have fed him for a month, preserved properly. He'll just have to go hunting again tomorrow. He's not sure if the dragon will want his portion rare.] Should I pull it off before it gets fully cooked?
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It had been a couple years since Aldmor counted himself among the faithful of Tiamat, but certain things never left. Upon catching sight of the serpentine beast inspecting his camp, the priest bowed his head, holding his hands out to show the lack of hostile intent. "A pleasure, Lord Dragon," he intoned.

"If it pleases you, you may help your self to the fruits of my hunt: a bull elk is far more than I can consume alone."
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[His magic would be more effective than the sword, but he'd prefer to use neither.] My master taught me respect for the beings who've walked this world far longer than man. [That includes dragons, and fae, and an assortment of other creatures.]

I'll take it off so you can eat now... [He smirks just a little, but not unkindly. Horvath knows what it is to be hungry. He'd also prefer the dragon not break the doorframe, since he's potentially stuck here until the weather clears. Putting words to action, Horvath turns away, feeling safe enough to put his back to the dragon. The deer is carefully pulled down, and he braces one end of the spit it's on against his shoulder long enough to slice off one haunch. It's still enough to feed him for days, and he leaves it close to the ashes- it needs more cooking still, for his taste. Then he pulls it off the spear with a grunt, and drags the rest of the carcass over to the door. It's already skinned, gutted, and headless, but the majority of it is still raw.]
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He was... [Horvath smiles wistfully, and moves back to put the haunch he's saved back on to cook for a while. Then he grabs his fur cloak and settles by the doorway to sit, companionable but just out of range of any stray bits of meat or blood as the dragon eats. He has no fear of dark sorcerers coming around while there's a dragon in his doorway. This creature is better protection than any magic wards he could set.]
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[ Convalescing out in the boonies isn't exactly his idea of a good time, necessary as it is. The cabin is as remote as they get, off the grid and in the wilds, a lonely little place hemmed in by primordial woods on three sides and rugged mountain foothills on the other. It's maybe an hour drive into the little podunk town for supplies, a place that sees a decent amount of tourists a year bent on hiking their way to the meaning of life.

The whole place reminds Desmond of his childhood, only he's not a child anymore, but a winged Assassin still in need of being looked after. He's dozing in a chair when he hears the noise, a sound like a herd of snuffling elk nosing about for any edibles beneath the layer of fresh snow. Shrugging into a coat, a bit awkwardly with his right arm still in its sling, he bypasses the rifles in their cabinet and slips outside with the only other weapon he needs-- his camera.

To his credit he's silent as can be when he rounds the corner of the cabin, intending to get a few sneaky photos of his visitors and retreat back in out of the cold, but that...that's not a herd of elk. ]

...what the fuck.
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[personal profile] polychromous 2014-11-17 01:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh... nooo, no no no, no.

[It's not that he's worried the forge is going to get nudged over or be terribly damaged by the investigation. By now, almost all of Haizea is entirely dragon-proofed against everything except one falling out of the sky and crushing buildings. All buildings have long been fireproof inside and out, but the Seville forge in particular has always had thick strong walls and a general resilience about it.

He's not worried this large creature is going to knock it over. He's worried that the aforementioned large creature is here.

Making swords all day hasn't made him any more likely to actually use one. He's just got a pair of tongs at the moment to wave rather fruitlessly at the dragon.

No. Scat. Shoo. You can't be here. Git.
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That's sad to hear. I met one some time ago but she wasn't from Earth or my kind. [He looks a little saddened, she seemed nice at first but he had quickly realised after a magical transformation that she was one of the far more aggressive, bestial sort of dragons who attacked humans for the sake of it.] Yeh seem ok, though.

Most of them, yeah. My best friend is human and she'd love to meet yeh, I'm sure. Suppose yeh looking for some food, huh? Guess I can help yeh out.
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That is... certainly a large dragon focusing on him. Not, say, an overtly aggressive dragon exercising a threat displat, no, but. Definitely a very large dragon which seems to have settled in and focused in on his comparatively tiny, comparatively easily destroyed human form.

So there's that.

One slow breath brings calm back. The next breath comes back toward the sound of annoyance usually reserved for smaller humans and actually domesticated creatures.
] Look, if-- if Magra's right, then-- you're smart enough to understand me. So-- shoo. [Give a second.] Please. People can't-- see you here.
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Sure. If yeh promise not to eat anyone and be careful. I'd have to ask first though. [The X-Mansion is a large area but a dragon his scale would likely be a bit of a demand. Though if Lockheed could get him to help them out it might be useful. Logan would probably need some convincing.] It would be nice to have a dragon friend after all this time.
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...More like a father. Or at least so I thought, for a number of years. [His smile is slightly crooked, because his relationship with his mentor- and his fellow apprentices turned out to be a complicated one.]

His name was Myrrdhin. Or Merlin... the language is different, here.
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[ He should. Run. Yes, right. Run, not stand there gawping at it, the wind off the creature's wings buffeting him like a winter breeze. Desmond isn't afraid of much these days, but he knows that somewhere on the list of Shit He's Terrified Of, a bigass lizard cryptid should probably rank pretty high. A bigass lizard cryptid that just fucking talked holy fuck, Desmond totally didn't just squeak like a little girl.

Bex had once jokingly described the emergency beacon as 'only to be used in case of Templar attacks, avalanches, or Bigfoot sightings'. What about giant Chupacabras, is that applicable? he thinks wildly, frozen in place.

Yep, he should beat a hasty retreat, which is totally why he lifts his camera up and snaps a picture of the thrashing beast. That one was out of focus? Shit, he'll quickly take another-- ]

Holy shit. Holy shit, what the hell are you?
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Glad yeh feel that way, mister. [He'd offer a little paw to shake but it would likely be a tad difficult to return. He hasn't been from the Flock anywhere near as long, despite his age of a hundred and sixty odd years, but a fellow dragon who isn't evil is something he's hoped he'd get to have.]

Ditto, so yeh can tell me all about yeh self so I have something to say when I introduce yeh to my friend Kitty.
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--mother of fuck--

[Someone, clearly, has never heard a dragon speak before. That someone is absolutely 100% Cynric. The someone nearly dropping his tongs in alarm is also Cynric. He's on a roll, clearly.

But the someone using the wall of his house to keep himself upright (who is also Cynric, man of clearly the most hats in the world) is taking enough deep breaths to overcome all this and respond properly.
] --you talk.

[Go on, Draco. Shower him in awards for being so obviously the greatest mind of his generation.]

Why-- do you talk?
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I'm afraid his works in the world are becoming tainted by rumor, and the usual distortions of time, but yes... he was a good man. He held himself to high ideals... [Sometimes too high, for both himself and his students, but Horvath has great respect for his master despite lingering mixed feelings about him.]
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[ In his crazy life, Desmond has seen a lot of shit. He's been privy to a globe-spanning conspiracy; to the knowledge of the precursor race, their history, their technology and their extinction. He's been in the memories of four men who rose up to topple tyrants, and technically he saved the world. Weird shit just happens to him and he's accepted that.

Talking dragons though? That might just have hit his threshold. He draws back from the creature, his weight shifted to bolt like a rabbit if he has to. ]

Are you fucking kidding, you're a fucking dragon! What the fuck!
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"Please, think nothing of it, Honored Ser," the priest replied. "It pleases me that I should be blessed with such company. Though I no longer serve Tiamat, Her children will forever be respected by myself for their place in the world."
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*You can't blame Wyatt for staring out he window at the large dragon roaming around his house, can you?*

Oh this can't go well.

*It's a good thing his parents arn't home at the moment*