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Onida "Oni" Girard ([personal profile] onikins) wrote in [community profile] sixwordstories 2015-08-22 03:48 am (UTC)

What about a complicated apology?

Hmm? [She affected an innocent look, coyly wiping the corners of her mouth, and the devious glint in her eyes belied the sunny smile she turned on him. A challenge was definitely being issued here, even if she hadn't a clue to what.] Careful, darlin', don't let yer mouth start writin' checks yer ass can't cash.

[He had her momentarily intrigued by the prospect of learning a game from an extinct, alien culture-- That is, until he finished explaining the rules, such as they were, and she realized precisely what it was he'd had in mind. Groaning, she pinched the bridge of her nose. Only the slight shaking of her narrow shoulders betrayed her silent laughter.] ...It's limbo, isn't it? Judas Iscariot.

I think you've been hittin' th'sauce a little hard, mon ami, 'cause last I checked I've got y'beat on height. [Plus he hadn't said anything about what shape she was in when she beat him. Oni was pretty sure she could wriggle under anything he cared to throw at her, while wearing the lupus. Bill wouldn't know that, of course, but no one ever accused the she-wolf of fighting fair.] Someone's got a whoopin' on layaway, alright, but I'm sorry t'have t'tell you-- It ain't me.

[She patted her jeans pockets, absently. Coin in hand, the she-wolf walked over to the fossil they were calling a jukebox, eyeing up it's musical selection with something akin to horror as she struggled mightily to find anything even remotely appropriate.] Redneck country... Folk... Rock... Ah! Guess I'll go first? As th'old saying goes, "age before beauty." [The music began, and Oni sidled up to the broomstick, scooting under it with a blush high on her cheeks. The fact that none of her packmates were around to see her do this was nothing short of a minor miracle; This was blackmail gold.]

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