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Onida "Oni" Girard ([personal profile] onikins) wrote in [community profile] sixwordstories 2015-08-24 03:53 am (UTC)

Implicitly. She's patched me up more times than I care t'count. Saved my life more'n once. [More trouble than her miserable hide was worth, if you asked her, but she wouldn't voice that much aloud.] Couldn't ask fer a better friend. [Onida has found, and lost, more friends in the last few years than perhaps she'd made in all her life. Now she could count the ones she had left on one hand... So the she-wolf kept them close.]

That one was a freebie, darlin'. Don't think it'll happen again. [And did he just tell her to watch her mouth? Her chin rose defensively; Maybe it was the proximity to her childhood home, but she was instantly brought back to another time, whence every man alive thought himself her master. Half breed, back-woods, unschooled runt-- But those days were long behind her, and now the she-wolf said and did as she pleased.] You seem t'be under th'mistaken impression that I'm a nice girl who says nice shit. Hate t'break it to ya, but rainbows and unicorns don't come flyin' out every time I open my mouth. If that's a problem, let me know now.

It's... Interesting. I'll give ya that. [Leaning back against the bar with her wiry arms crossed beneath her chest, Oni ducked her head to hide a grin. It was like intergalactic dubstep! The music, and the alcohol, were starting to get to her; She shook her head to clear some of the fuzziness from her peripheral vision, but her step was still just ever-so-slightly wobbly on her way back to the chairs. There appeared to be two broom handles instead of one, but she arched her back and, by the grace of Gaia, managed to avoid them both.] At th'very least, it ain't country.

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