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Onida "Oni" Girard ([personal profile] onikins) wrote in [community profile] sixwordstories 2015-08-26 02:59 am (UTC)

Eh? [Brow furrowed, lip pinched between her teeth, Oni looked every bit as puzzled as she felt... And then you could almost literally see the light switch on in her beer-addled brain.] Ohhh, you didn't mean-- Merde. [And here she cut herself off short; Bad enough to jump to conclusions, it'd be even worse if she accidentally implied that he'd somehow used the wrong words. The she-wolf already felt like a world-class jackass.] Dieux, je suis un idiot. I'm sorry, darlin'. My grasp on th'English language gets a little shaky after I've had a few. Next time, why don't I ask first t'make sure I didn't misunderstand instead o' jumpin' on yer back, hmm?

I don't see why y'should have t'censor yourself, Bill. "Tell th'truth and shame th'Devil," I always say. And t'Hell with anybody who don't like it.

Now that's th'drink talkin'. [She grinned when he suggested she was secretly enjoying the music, watching from the sidelines with some amusement as he helped himself to liquid courage.] And I thought th'whole point of th'game is y'drink after y'mess up, not before.

Does that thing get FM radio? Wouldn't mind something that actually has a beat. [Oni was only half-teasing as she sized up the broom handle. She's no longer seeing double, thank goodness, but the bar was finally, finally significantly shorter than her and the chairs were swaying-- or was she the one who was swaying? No matter, she decided; Arching lower still, the she-wolf crept beneath the handle, yet somehow she wound up flat on her back on the other side.] Oh, hell. Did I make it? Does that count?

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