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 We're here. Commence the belly achin'.
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I pray thou trusteth this healer. Such allies, like a kind face, cannot be common.

[Thor's brother-from-another-galaxy was humming with the effects of the drink, but his inhuman physiology was coping well. He did seem ever so slightly unbalanced with his movements, but this was ultimately going to plan. The last son of Korbin was a shrewd tactician; having nourished Oni's competitive streak all the way into overconfidence, he had even gained her sympathy. Bill had, of course, intended to lose an early round. He'd gotten her to take her eye off the ball, and to take her second drink. Two, it seems, had sneaky schemes in this friendly game...but it was far from over.]

...thy tongue, I grasp at it, but perhaps such verbiage be more colorful than an unfamiliar face should adopt. N'er-the-less, I grieveth to see thee bobble a sure thing.

[He was, at least, sincere. As the music began to wind down, Bill made his hefty, ever-so-wobbly way over to the jukebox. It apparently had a radio function, to accompany the collection of vinyl within. He clicked it on, turning it to a station of static, and set his hammer upon it.]

Not much of a tinkerer, doth Bill be, but I am not without my craftiness yet. Behold, the music of my people.

[As his internal systems broadcast a signal, one normally reserved for communication with the Korbinite fleet, his enchanted hammer transmuted the energy of one kind into another: radio waves, which the jukebox received (after some searching on Stormbreaker's part). The long-lost funk of Korbin was, perhaps, not quite lost.]

[It was Bill's turn in Alco-Galactic Limbo, and he did just as he had before, showing a very impressive amount of balance and flexibility. As he stepped in time with the rhythm, the Korbinite funk pleasing him to his soul, his torso again craned back to almost horizontal. This time, however, he took Oni's advice and turned his head, leaving the broom handle untouched until he was beyond it. Another round complete; another layer of chairs lower. Twenty-something liters of beer to go.]
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[She had mentioned before that she probably understood what an oath-brother was. It seemed so, to Bill: he nodded in a moment of non-telepathic mind-reading. A bond beyond even blood, or perhaps, a bond borne of blood spilled together. His mind, growing hazier as the night progressed, drifted back to perhaps a dozen battles across as many worlds; times when his own limits had been reached, and other times when he'd been there to clinch a struggle for someone else. Her disdain brought him back to the present.]

Yea; vraiment, speaketh at thy leisure. How'ere, as I labor with a foreign tongue, mayhap I shouldst chooseth mine own words...judiciously.

[For he had no concern about how Oni chose to express herself, but in his ongoing attempt to absorb her language, he didn't think her most vivid vernacular was wise for him to imitate. It was already hard enough for an alien to be trusted, even when he was as modest as possible. In as much as it was possible for him to, he smirked, on his way to their nemesis (the broom-handle).]

As for thine, shalt we say, je m’en fous.

[Bill blinked rapidly at the low bridge before him, sidling up to it before backing off and deciding he needed yet another pitcher of beer to power him through. He dunked his 'mug', still dubious and impressed as to the size of such servings, and downed it one go. The large foreigner shook his head urgently, seemingly reinvigorated. He then thought he glimpsed her digging his jam.]

Thou cannot deceiveth Beta Ray Bill, Oni Girard. I spy thy revelry in the rhythms of Korbin!

[As the song was winding down, he concentrated very hard and managed to slink his big body under their makeshift limbo-bar. It was a good thing his knees were so hardy, because he had to tilt them inwards and slither with his feet to make it this time.]
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