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 We're here. Commence the belly achin'.
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And yes, he's wearing a hat with flaps and bear ears

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Thought you said it was going to be cold. My nipples aren't even hard.
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It matches his teddy bear underwear.

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By then we'll have a fire. [He glances at her.] Right? Because if I don't get motherfucking s'mores I'll riot.
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you love it. LOVE IT.

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One man riot. It's not something you want to see. [He pouts.] There will be a fire right?
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Yes. I feel like a retired person.

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[His pack is pretty large. There is a good sized, thick sleeping bag rolled up and strapped to the top. Inside there are other things to help him keep warm.] Booze too. Figure that'll keep me warm if you won't.
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Touch my hat and I'll beat your ass. [He grins, absolutely beaming.] Fuck yeah! Clean, renewable take anywhere the fuck you want energy!

[Oh he knows alright. Painful really. He still can't help himself.] You have no idea what I want. Trust me. Show me, sugar, I'm all kinds of curious.
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Thy meaning eludes; wouldst mine belly ache?
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Well...I've got friends who are into this outdoorsy, camping shit. [Which is to say he likes to make things that his friends and family might need and use. If he's making money off of it it's easier to brush it off like it's no big thing.]

I've got all night to tell you. Might have to come check out my nerd tent.

[Ash keeps up fairly well. The entire time marveling at her stamina and speed through the country. When they broke through the trees to the river bank he couldn't help but to smile.] This is where you grew up.
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Maybe I am a nice guy. [He sticks his tongue out at her like a very mature, nice guy would. Ash shrugs.] That's my job, right? Storytelling? I'll keep you up all night telling stories.

[Following her lead he sits down and pulls his feet from the shoes he had bought for this trip. When he put his feet in he automatically shivered and yelped.] Shit that's cold! [He chuckled.] There's a dirty joke in there about you being able to trap beaver...[Scooting closer his shoulder bumped up against her arm, knee touching her knee.] Tell me your favorite story from your time here with your dad.
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Hm. What cause be there to grumble?
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Yea; I hath seen this planet all-over, and it seemeth nature hath the advantage here.
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Be not deceived...Thine enemies might swipe at thee on occasion, but nature seeketh thine demise every day. But, I enjoy it.

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