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Found a pair of lightsabers!!

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You did not seriously tape glowsticks to your katanas.
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[Peter drags a hand over his mask. It's almost like dealing with an overgrown child.]

Pool - dude, stop that before you hit me -
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Spidey sense only gets you so fa-

[Peter ducks, narrowly missing the blade.]

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[He has another close call, dodging Wade's swings by the thread of his suit. Sometimes the mercenary was just too much.]This is how I die.

Don't make me web you!
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How could you know that? There was never any webbing in the movies!
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[It's like arguing with a hyperactive child swinging around giant knives.]

Don't they only have one blade, not two?
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Are you legitimately trying to kill me? [His senses are on alert, webs ready at his fingertips.]

I don't - is that supposed to be a jedi?
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I can't with you. [Sometimes he speaks gibberish, Peter learns just to ignore it. Or flip out.]

We invented parkour.
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Number one bestseller's list I'm sure. [Peter snorts, shooting a web to haul himself onto the building, above the other red-suited "hero".]

I'm going to ask you one more time, put down the swords.
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[Peter sigh of relief is cut off by his shout as he twists and swings away from the bullets being shot at him.]


[Webbing, shot at Wade's hand.]
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Well they look like bullets to me!

[He dodges the spray again, climbing up the wall.]

I'm not going to be anybody's friend for long if I'm dead.
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You're making even less sense than usual.

[Peter sighs, eternally tired. A day in the life.]

I'd rather not have to come back to life as a 17 year old, actually.
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I don't see how being in high school was anyone's best days.

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