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[eyes wide] Well, uh, that's different.
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What, you never seen a giant blob monster before? [Peter does a backflip over one of the tentacles extending towards him.] You going to help me take this thing down or what?
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Bingo! Tell the man what he's won.

[It's nothing against the fast guy, but if the blob isn't going to appreciate his quips (it won't), he might as well direct them towards somebody who can. All in good fun.]

I mostly chop off little pieces of it. They start to dissolve if they're small enough.

[Another backflip, feet pushing off the wall before he launches himself towards the monster, shearing off a small chunk by diving through it.]
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Hey flubber!

[Peter sends a displaced manhole cover flying, chopping off another piece. This could take a while, but Speedy Gonzales was making himself useful, and Peter gave a grateful sigh, swinging to the opposite side of the blob.]

Where's Trixie, Speed? Or are you flying Racer X style like me?
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How have you not seen Speed Racer when you're running around like a bullet?

[Peter webs off bits and pieces, thrusting his arm forward to give the webs that extra spin of speed. They'll be able to contain it; at this point, it's just the grunt work.]
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That so?

[Another flip, though this time Peter lands on one of the tentacles, bringing his foot down through it to chop it off.]

What else can you do, Flash Gordon?
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No? Dude, there's a whole Queen song about you. What's not to like?

[The wriggling parts they'd severed were starting to disintegrate around them]

[ooc: it's all good!]