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[Dodge, backflip, handspring, web shot.] Parkour!
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[ Gives a look ]

Really? do I look like some threat? [ Yeah okay so maybe she would, after all a little kid standing on the roof of a tall building in the middle of the night. More so with the spear in her hand, which she uses to bat away the webbing. She sends the weapon away though. After all she wouldn't want to draw unwanted attention from someone a lot bigger than the kid before her ]
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So says the man in the mask. [ She sits on the edge of the wall looking down at the street. ]

Relax, I'm not going to cause trouble. Rather not deal with bumping into Thor thanks. Doctor Banner sure, and Tony's too easy to rile up right now best to leave him alone.

You though... You're not my choice in companions to be honest, but you're more tolerable than some of the other heroes in this city.
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Does it matter on which side of the island you heroes work out of? Because I'd think it would be more effective if you worked together. You all have the same goal for the most part, keeping loved ones and your city safe. [ Skuld laughs a little at his 'kiddo' comment ]

I'm not a child, and really, brains and brawn aren't everything. You, still lack a little, [ She pauses to figure out how to say it diplomatically, and gives up on that since diplomacy, is so more her sister Verthandi's thing. ] You lack experience to be honest. So for now, if we are attacked, I'm probably safer taking them out on my own. [ Not that she expects to be attacked, after all, this world isn't as violent as the one she's from. Holding out her hand she smiles.] I'm Sara. [ Okay a lie, but it's been her name for the last 80 years or so, why change it. ]
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[ She laughs at that] Really, the politicians are more of a menace. But I'll behave and not go into a rant about that.

Thanks. [ She's tired of fighting actually, but she won't tell him that. and she shakes her head at the next bit.] I may have a unit that I work with back home, but we don't really work as a team. I was always butting heads with my sisters too.

Nice meeting you as well. [ She gets a look on her face a brief moment. ] Oh, you might want to avoid Times Square tonight. They're shooting a movie, I see you mistaking an actor as a bank robber. [ She bites her lip a little releasing his hand. ] I didn't mean to pry, thought I could ignore reading the thread. [ She's now worried he's going to freak out ]
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[ bites her lip at being called a mutant and shakes her head. ]

No, not that I have a problem with them. I'm well, alien. Though totally one of the good guys okay? I actually like living here, well, not here exactly I have a place over in Philly I'm just here in New York because there was a pull this way, still trying to find it. [ She looked at him. ] I can read your life thread. Thor's people call me a Norn.
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Past and future, as well as Present. Though the present and future tend to be more of a drain on my magic unless it's with tech. [ She shrugs a moment.]

Don't worry anything I saw between us will stay between us. I don't like outing people who are trying to do the right thing. And I don't play it up for cops, did that once in the South. More of a headache than it was worth.

[ She tilts her head slightly looking down the street behind him. ]

Damn, looks like we both have work to do, five seconds turning towards us will be a bike, followed by a cop car. [ She shoved off the ledge, wings sprouting from armor that wraps around her glowing slightly. ] Catch the cop car, tires are going to blow out.
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[ When she landed on the ground she held out her hands, the wings expanding to create an energy bubble protecting everyone on the street at the moment, and incidentally, stopping the bike, which crashed into the bubble. Road rash would be a pain, but hey hey'd recover.

She walked up to the biker figuring Spiderman had the police covered.]

Seriously, I was enjoying my conversation, and your recklessness almost took out someone who is a game changer in about twenty years. [ She willed the armor away, she wouldn't need it to deal with a low level thug. ]
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[ She doesn't even have to glance back to see he has the car under control. ]

Idiot shot his girlfriend, he was trying to avoid the cops. His girlfriend's apartment is a block away from the 27th precinct. And she'll live, he has bad aim, only grazed her arm.

[the man in question is looking at the girl. He starts to go for his gun. ]

See said idiot. [ She smirks a little as he finds it's jammed. She's scanning and sighs in relief as the guy she had actually been watching while talking to Parker slips into the side alley. She's not going to go after him, this is what he needed to see to change his life anyway. ]

Guess I owe you an explanation? Mind if it's not in front of the cops? I don't want to explain why I'm breaking curfew.
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I've had a while to practice. Besides, that gun, only holds six rounds.

[She nods looking like she's drained.] Yeah, down side of being here so long, magic limits. [She takes his hand just as the cops start coming up to them.]
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Didn't need to. I mean his luck so far. I'm guessing he ticked off a fate that wasn't me.

[She actually laughed as they zipped along.] Okay this beats my gliders. Don't worry not planning that sort of upgrade.

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You do know that most things on Midgard are child's play to me right? [She doesn't mean it as an insult, just reminding him she is more advanced.]

Though I have no reason to stall someone that way. At least as long as my magic holds out. [She does frown at that slightly though.] Which won't be a problem if I find my sisters.
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That one... I still have trouble figuring out.

[She snickers, because really most people who wear costumes on this world seem to have that trait.]

Yeah, there's three of us... Norn that is. Verthandi, Urd and I. Verthandi and Urd were sealed away, the ones that were worshiped by the Norse feared our powers. I, I was spared being sealed away because I had already passed the test to become... Kind of like a guide for fallen soldiers.

Though that's probably been revoked by now. I've neglected my duties since my sisters were stolen. I tracked them to Midgard, but that was... about seventy years ago. I've yet to find them.
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Well I'm screwed there. Patron of children and tech, families... not so much.

Yeah, I've gotten leads here and there, now... There's four places they could be and one of them... No way I'm going there without an army. [She's had run ins with Doom before and if she'd admit it to anyone he might be the one person she is actually scared of.] The other places... Well I'd stand out like a sore thumb there for two reasons... Being a child and a girl. I'm not going to cause that kind of trouble if they're not there.

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