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Magical teacups and cloaks don't mix.
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Not with that attitude they don't. You've got me wondering, though, where you get a magical teacup.
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This also begs to question of why you would want a magical teacup?
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And here I thought I was taking liberties with my powers. Sheesh.

How many guests do you get in the astral plane?
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[That gets approximately three seconds of befuddled silence from Peter before he snorts, appreciating the subtle humor. The newbies were getting saucier (he says newbie, though the good doctor has more than a few years on him because hey, Peter gets to claim something for starting out the way he did) and it's a welcome change from the doom-and-gloom outlook most Peter comes across tend to have.] Of course it isn't. How ridiculous of me.

...Doesn't Peter Pan have that same power?
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Well it isn't real, so what is it?

...and if you say chicken soup for the soul, we no longer know each other.

[Peter smiles sheepishly, one hand running back through his wild hair.] I may or may not have dunked a basketball or two. Amongst other things.
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It's a pun, dude. [Peter's grinning, though, that shit-eating grin he gets when he tells a particularly bad joke.] Sure it is. What mystical property does tea have?

[It's a slippery slope, though. Better to live with little and strong moral standards, though, as Peter has found out the hard way.]

I would say so, yeah.
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[It definitely gets a suspicious look out of Peter, eyes narrowing ever so slightly as he tries to gauge just how serious Stephen is.]

What, you don't like the circus? Come on, you wouldn't come see my trapeeze show?
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They also travel. If I was going to get an exploitative job on the side, I think wrestling would be the way to go. [Besides, the first night he'd make a killing. Odds would sooo be stacked against him, skinny beanpole that he is.]