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Descriptions of the tags:

ooc: Out of Character, used to say things as yourself, but using your muse journals.

meta: Things going on your character wouldn't know about from canon. For instance: A character commenting on something that happens in their own future. Also, can be used to reference something in the Mun's life (Similar to Dear_Mun)

roleplay: the tag indicate you are open to roleplay. Can be used in conjunction with "personal journal" to show that an 'real person' is open to RP characters tagging them.

personal journal: Used to post from your personal journal about stuff going on in your life. (May be used in conjunction with "roleplay" to show that an individual is open to RP characters tagging them.)

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time_for_lynn: (pic#10723300)
[personal profile] time_for_lynn
Burned my hands...

And the kitchen.
shelbycobra: (Heavy is the burden)
[personal profile] shelbycobra
I'm terrified that he's leaving me.
oldladyenough: (Huh?)
[personal profile] oldladyenough
[ Is soundly asleep at her desk. ]
plusonesecond: (Default)
[personal profile] plusonesecond
How much did you miss me?
doortodoor: (got time)
[personal profile] doortodoor
Pineapple on pizza…yes or no?
janiepotts: (Default)
[personal profile] janiepotts
I love shopping for new clothes!
tessanne: (Default)
[personal profile] tessanne
I'm feeling better than ever before.
thelastgoodone: (Default)
[personal profile] thelastgoodone
Is there no end to spreadsheets? 
inthehouse: (Default)
[personal profile] inthehouse
I find myself still craving him.
rogueinladysclothing: (Shy Smile)
[personal profile] rogueinladysclothing
I miss being by the sea.
putbacktogether: (Default)
[personal profile] putbacktogether
Can't sleep again. Another long day.
lady_calrissian: (bowtie)
[personal profile] lady_calrissian
Casino barge turned temple, everyone's welcome.
inthis_together: (#######)
[personal profile] inthis_together
[accidentally bumps into you, spilling coffee]
be_thechange: (tears)
[personal profile] be_thechange
Every year seems to get harder.
det_lindsay: (###)
[personal profile] det_lindsay
[clutching at her stomach in pain.]
dr_jd_watson: (huh...)
[personal profile] dr_jd_watson
Sometimes I miss everything being simple...
haolecop: (Looking up)
[personal profile] haolecop
Steve! We have an undercover mission!
janiepotts: (smiling)
[personal profile] janiepotts
I'm never traveling in time again. 
w_zimmerman: (shy)
[personal profile] w_zimmerman
Caught Bollywood-dancing. "It's good exercise!"
barre_none: (crap)
[personal profile] barre_none
That really hit where it hurts..
infowars: (pic#11291990)
[personal profile] infowars
I'm the best drone racer ever.
legaltoughguy: (Default)
[personal profile] legaltoughguy
I wonder what happened to him.
lebeau_diable: (Default)
[personal profile] lebeau_diable
Stayin' in tonight. Netflix. Rogue One.
midnightdoctor: (waiting in jail)
[personal profile] midnightdoctor
 Doctor for hire. Assassin if desired.
ara_moonshine: (Listening)
[personal profile] ara_moonshine
[Aiming knife at a running rabbit.]
gallifreys_last: (Ten Surprised)
[personal profile] gallifreys_last
Still not ginger. But a woman?
riverborntorun: (Dressed to kill)
[personal profile] riverborntorun
A third wife? Christmas in July!
secondshift: (Headache)
[personal profile] secondshift
[Stunned.] They're forcing me to retire.
wasagreatmemory: (Default)
[personal profile] wasagreatmemory
Finally I have a day off.
be_thechange: (happiness)
[personal profile] be_thechange
Michael? Mike? Lincoln? Are you home?
inthehouse: (Default)
[personal profile] inthehouse
I do like a good surprise.
thelastgoodone: (Default)
[personal profile] thelastgoodone
 I've always preferred billiards to chess. 
dr_jd_watson: (Default)
[personal profile] dr_jd_watson
Hiking to get away from things...
ara_moonshine: (Aranka)
[personal profile] ara_moonshine
I could build that, easy. [Smirks]
tessanne: (tess is uncomfortable)
[personal profile] tessanne
He apologized, but it was weird.
shelbycobra: (Has a headache)
[personal profile] shelbycobra
Another reason to hate the money.
loyalassistant: (sneaky)
[personal profile] loyalassistant
Well, this is all very interesting.
mayfairmonster: (Closeup; Probably his narration face)
[personal profile] mayfairmonster
Reputations? Good for saving you time.
legaltoughguy: (sharp on the battlefield)
[personal profile] legaltoughguy
I have a James Bond fantasy.
buffcheetopuff: (Dark and broody)
[personal profile] buffcheetopuff

Didn't know corruption would hurt...


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