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If you have a username here and wish to claim your openID, please click the link to the right:

A story MUST be in six words, no more, no less - including strikeouts. Mods will contact you and/or delete stories not following this simple rule. (If you use a cut, the cut must also be six words - mostly this applies to mod entries, but can apply for spoiler/other cuts.)

Due to the speed of posts in this comm, please limit posts to one per journal per 24 hour period. This will change if posting speed picks up again.

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Descriptions of the tags:

ooc: Out of Character, used to say things as yourself, but using your muse journals.

meta: Things going on your character wouldn't know about from canon. For instance: A character commenting on something that happens in their own future. Also, can be used to reference something in the Mun's life (Similar to Dear_Mun)

roleplay: the tag indicate you are open to roleplay. Can be used in conjunction with "personal journal" to show that an 'real person' is open to RP characters tagging them.

personal journal: Used to post from your personal journal about stuff going on in your life. (May be used in conjunction with "roleplay" to show that an individual is open to RP characters tagging them.)

**adapted from various Six Word Stories communities

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seismic_shockwave: (Big Smile!)
[personal profile] seismic_shockwave
I made cupcakes! Who wants one? 
wasagreatmemory: (model behavior)
[personal profile] wasagreatmemory
Moving into my house this weekend.
element_wizard: (Thinking about trouble)
[personal profile] element_wizard
I feel like reinventing myself, again.
may_queen: (Default)
[personal profile] may_queen
A beautiful garden means dirty hands.
latham: (Default)
[personal profile] latham
I do not understand your reference.
tessanne: (tess is all smiles)
[personal profile] tessanne
I aced my law school exam!
shelbycobra: (Default)
[personal profile] shelbycobra
I named my car after Tommy.
maybeicouldbesaved: (kid02)
[personal profile] maybeicouldbesaved
[ The next bus isn't 'til morning. ]
secondshift: (Headache)
[personal profile] secondshift
I don't do well in charge.
det_lindsay: (####)
[personal profile] det_lindsay
[covering up a bruise with make-up.]
colonelcannibal: Ives (Colonel)
[personal profile] colonelcannibal
Sometimes morality is just glorified cowardice.
wasagreatmemory: (glamour)
[personal profile] wasagreatmemory
Tonight I'm going to have fun.
flirtyengineer: (Default)
[personal profile] flirtyengineer
I wonder what he's doing now...
sanguine_eggplant: (overlooking the city)
[personal profile] sanguine_eggplant
 I chose to make a difference.
fearless_warrior: (New: Stare)
[personal profile] fearless_warrior
[Sorting endlessly through files marked 'Antigen'.]
shelbycobra: (Default)
[personal profile] shelbycobra
I really don't want to leave.
may_queen: (Default)
[personal profile] may_queen
Meetings with Pharmaceutical companies are tedious.
maybeicouldbesaved: (021)
[personal profile] maybeicouldbesaved
Did he, uh, just... help us?
borrowed_time: (Smile Bangs)
[personal profile] borrowed_time
Bang, Marry, Kill: Trump, Hitler, Voldemort
privatelives: (hey I know something)
[personal profile] privatelives
Has anyone seen my husband recently?
thevictoriandetective: (It's not a good day.)
[personal profile] thevictoriandetective
But then, I'm against new people.
grailknight: (suit: i will explain)
[personal profile] grailknight
Reading was proving much too difficult.
expartner: (smile)
[personal profile] expartner
For once I don't mind Valentine's.
secondshift: (Default)
[personal profile] secondshift
Happy Birthday to me. I guess.
fresh_to_deaf: (can't lip read for shit)
[personal profile] fresh_to_deaf
[Crowded bus, bumper to bumper traffic.]
tessanne: (tess is all smiles)
[personal profile] tessanne
Happy Valentine's Day. Have some chocolate!
zombieghostorgy: (DEAN ✞ wait...)
[personal profile] zombieghostorgy
I ate too much chocolate, guys.
janiepotts: (looking down smile)
[personal profile] janiepotts
This is the best Valentine's Day.
wasagreatmemory: (model behavior)
[personal profile] wasagreatmemory
shardofwinter: (Sideline thoughts)
[personal profile] shardofwinter
Carefully refreezing a freshly thawed footpath.
shelbycobra: (Making a phone call)
[personal profile] shelbycobra
I'm so lucky to have him.
flirtyengineer: (Default)
[personal profile] flirtyengineer
Valentine's Day commercials are ridiculous now.


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