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A story MUST be in six words, no more, no less - including strikeouts. Mods will contact you and/or delete stories not following this simple rule. (If you use a cut, the cut must also be six words - mostly this applies to mod entries, but can apply for spoiler/other cuts.)

Due to the speed of posts in this comm, please limit posts to one per journal per 24 hour period. This will change if posting speed picks up again.

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Descriptions of the tags:

ooc: Out of Character, used to say things as yourself, but using your muse journals.

meta: Things going on your character wouldn't know about from canon. For instance: A character commenting on something that happens in their own future. Also, can be used to reference something in the Mun's life (Similar to Dear_Mun)

roleplay: the tag indicate you are open to roleplay. Can be used in conjunction with "personal journal" to show that an 'real person' is open to RP characters tagging them.

personal journal: Used to post from your personal journal about stuff going on in your life. (May be used in conjunction with "roleplay" to show that an individual is open to RP characters tagging them.)

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jedsetlife: (sunglasses)
[personal profile] jedsetlife
[Lounging by the pool, sipping champagne]
legaltoughguy: (Default)
[personal profile] legaltoughguy
This time is the last time.
innocentcub: (precious)
[personal profile] innocentcub
My parents are hosting this gala.
atombomb: (pic#11551546)
[personal profile] atombomb
Feels like summer flew right by.
mordredeschain: (Cold Tired And Hungry)
[personal profile] mordredeschain
 Mordred has no one. Mordred's alone.
redhoodedgirl: (someone's gettin' punched)
[personal profile] redhoodedgirl
[Scrapyard: perfect for axe throwing practice]
clan_techie: (hands)
[personal profile] clan_techie
[Twisting a wire crown of laurels]
shelbycobra: (In the pits)
[personal profile] shelbycobra
Second place doesn't feel good enough.
good_catholic_boy: (Matt Working Out)
[personal profile] good_catholic_boy
Knocked down, but always get up.
be_thechange: (happiness)
[personal profile] be_thechange
[Singing happily to herself.] don't matter...
thelastgoodone: (Default)
[personal profile] thelastgoodone
Thinking of trying to write again. 
plusonesecond: (Default)
[personal profile] plusonesecond
I haven't slept in 36 hours.
tessanne: (Default)
[personal profile] tessanne
He's leaving me and I'm scared.
ikicklotsafaces: ([Miles] I'm in so much trouble ...)
[personal profile] ikicklotsafaces
 Keeping up with everying ... is hard.
freelander1: (grin (up to something))
[personal profile] freelander1
Did somebody say burgers? I'm starving.
inthehouse: (Default)
[personal profile] inthehouse
I'm pushing all your buttons. [Smug.]
w_zimmerman: (wonder)
[personal profile] w_zimmerman
The world is a beautiful place...
secondshift: (At home)
[personal profile] secondshift
You should come out with me.
praxidike: (beneath your costumes)
[personal profile] praxidike
Hades, my husband. Hades, my light.
honour_among_thieves: (Default)
[personal profile] honour_among_thieves
In a graveyard, chatting with ghosts.
doctormagnus: (pissed (eyes closed))
[personal profile] doctormagnus
Really need a cup of tea...
putbacktogether: (Default)
[personal profile] putbacktogether
Anyone know who sent me flowers?
inthis_together: (#####)
[personal profile] inthis_together
[Buying flowers for her sisters grave.]
wasagreatmemory: (Default)
[personal profile] wasagreatmemory
Feel like I'm not doing enough.
tessanne: (tess is uncomfortable)
[personal profile] tessanne
I don't know what to do.
w_zimmerman: (wondering)
[personal profile] w_zimmerman
We broke up. It was time...
precedentagent: (L [Phone....and cake])
[personal profile] precedentagent
[Pinches your plate between his fingers.]
inthehouse: (Default)
[personal profile] inthehouse
(Eating alone at a restaurant, waiting.)
plusonesecond: (Happiness)
[personal profile] plusonesecond
I am now officially on vacation.
w_zimmerman: (Default)
[personal profile] w_zimmerman
The world is changing, albeit slowly.
shelbycobra: (Default)
[personal profile] shelbycobra
And this time I hit him.


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