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SWS from Livejournal has been imported to DW.
If you have a username here and wish to claim your openID, please click the link to the right:

A story MUST be in six words, no more, no less - including strikeouts. Mods will contact you and/or delete stories not following this simple rule. (If you use a cut, the cut must also be six words - mostly this applies to mod entries, but can apply for spoiler/other cuts.)

Due to the speed of posts in this comm, please limit posts to one per journal per 24 hour period. This will change if posting speed picks up again.

Rest of the rules under here )

Descriptions of the tags:

ooc: Out of Character, used to say things as yourself, but using your muse journals.

meta: Things going on your character wouldn't know about from canon. For instance: A character commenting on something that happens in their own future. Also, can be used to reference something in the Mun's life (Similar to Dear_Mun)

roleplay: the tag indicate you are open to roleplay. Can be used in conjunction with "personal journal" to show that an 'real person' is open to RP characters tagging them.

personal journal: Used to post from your personal journal about stuff going on in your life. (May be used in conjunction with "roleplay" to show that an individual is open to RP characters tagging them.)

**adapted from various Six Word Stories communities

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Mods can also be contacted by commenting below. All comments are screened.
**Please note: Commenting below and/or PMing the Mod account is the only official method of contacting the mods.
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Enjoying cider and the fall colors.
upsidedowns: (listening)
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[ Just tried coffee. Looks pretty disgusted. ]
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[Heading into the local library alone.]
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[She's found somewhere newer. Nicer. Kinder.]
shelbycobra: (Headphones)
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Don't want to spend tonight alone.
dreaminpink: (flirt)
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Yyyeessssss! Pumpkin spice lattes are back!
may_queen: (concern)
[personal profile] may_queen
School trip tomorrow. Lock me away.
dr_jd_watson: (victorian smile)
[personal profile] dr_jd_watson
"Don't hang on. Nothing last forever..."
burninates: (coffee day)
[personal profile] burninates
[sulking:]  Wazzzpinator doesn't like patrol duty.
thelastgoodone: (Blazer)
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Working on something. 

Do not disturb.
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Not enough aspirin in the world...
softlyspeaks: (Hello listeners!)
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Happy Monday eve, everyone!

Can't wait!
hausofbrix: ('two of 'em')
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[Stocking up on batteries and snacks]
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[Treating her snake like a puppy]
raisedgrimm: (hitting the books)
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[Rolls into town, tracking a Mary]
shelbycobra: (In the pits)
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Starting my last race up front.
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Time to let my hair down.
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[On a bench, drinking a PSL]
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Joke: Why didn't the clock work?
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Get down off of that.
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Want to get out of here?
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Another late night doing paperwork. Argh.
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This is taking getting used to.
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Live each day like your last.
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Nobody cares if Dickie gets hurt.
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[ Pushing a glittery spider aside. Why. ]
dhil: (But why?)
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Very lost. Show help please?
mordredeschain: (A Rare Smile)
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 Mordred thanks ya for the food.
grailknight: (smile: slight)
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Only the good die so young.
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The world always needs good vigilantes.
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Looking for a house is hard.
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We're almost prepared for Jamie's birthday.


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