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Didn't stay or say bye t'me.
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Baby girl, don't be sad. I---I couldn't, okay? I mean, Mac and Al and you need to be a family, yeah? You need each other without...just don't cry.

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*Picks her up and holds her. Tries to lighten the mood even though he feels like a heel.*

Hey, we can’t make moo-moo and moo sad too. Cow tears, sheesh, have you ever seen cow tears? All over the place, and icky, like icky thing can be. C’mon baby, don’t cry. Your birthday is ...how many sleeps… not many now! I’ll sing you happy birthday. I promise.

*Wipes away her tears.*
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*Closes his eyes briefly as he holds her.*

No baby, Mac and Al are your family. Grandma, Grandpa, and Brea, too. I can’t stay, okay? Maybe it is for the best and when you’re a big girl you’ll maybe understand better. I can’t stay because…because…

Yeah, I’m going to be a rockstar and I have to sing to lots of people. All the time. They're my family and I have to sing to them to make them happy; you know?

*Feels better he didn’t have to say the full truth...he was messed up.*
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Now? Okay…uhm..Oh I know French! *Sings very briefly*

Baby girl, that’s the best proposal I have ever heard; I won’t be able to marry anyone else after that. *Smooths his hand over her hair.* But---but, I can’t stay. I can’t. I don’t’ want you to be sad and I want you to be happy with Al and Mac.
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No promises, promises just hurt people. But I’ll wait for you to grow up so you can ask me again, yeah? Because I think you’ll find a different boy who you’ll want to marry, that’s just how things are.

*Moves her slightly. Titling her chin to have her look at him.* Bella, Mac and Al, they’re fun, you just have to give them some time. They’ll remember how to have fun because of you. Yeah? But they can’t have fun if I stay. It just has to be the three of you.
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I have a lot of time, I can wait.

Yeah, I know, I miss you too baby girl; and Al and Mac. I miss everyone. *Gives a little smile.* When Al gets better I just know they’ll have fun with you again. But going to see grandpa has to be fun too?
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Even if they said yes, I still have to go away to sing. How about you ask if I can come sing for your birthday?
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Moo-moo and I would be happy to do that. But that’s not how I can perform. The world is a great big place, baby girl. Bigger than your house and Eban and Alba’s house together, I have to go all over the big world to be with the family who wants me to sing. It’s far away, like the fairy place, remember?
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*Presses his finger tip against her lip.* Shh, we don’t say that loud.

*Brushes his fingertip across her cheek.* I sing at night, and sometimes day. But I’ll come home to you when it’s your birthday, okay?
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You’re a baby, that’s just how things are. When you’re a big girl you can visit me and moo-moo anytime. C'mon, no pouting now, I thought you said you were fun? Pouty isn't fun.
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Are so a baby; my baby girl. *Blows a raspberry and pokes her back in a ticklish way.* And yes! I’m the biggest baby ever.
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Now you sound like fun. *Hugs her back*

I know. But you know Mac is my brother, right? So he has a little of me in him. I bet if you play with him he'll be fun too. And grandpa is like me too. Just means I'm not gone too much, you'll always have a little bit of me around you.
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C'mon you know this isn't a good game to play. I have to go away and that is all there is to it.

How about I make a deal, when I do go away I will always say goodbye. Yeah?
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*Taps her on the nose.* No mopey face.

Now, it is time for me to say goodbye.