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 Could you pass me that napkin?
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Woo! \o/

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[Elisabeth looked up from her book at the pretty blonde bird and held said napkin out to her.] Alright, then? Need more?

[Her British accent closer resembled that of someone from London, one with a proper upbringing, which also reflected in the way in which the mutant sat; back straight, shoulders relaxed (not hunched).]
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[Lis chortled and slid the dispenser Gwen's way.] Better safe than sorry, yeah?

[The plum haired woman eyed said doughnut and delicately arched both brows.] Though, not exactly a filling meal. Not a lick of protein in there. Unless, I missed you eating that bit and this would be breakfast dessert...?
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[She pursed her lips side to side in thought and, despite not knowing the blonde bird at all, came to a conclusion. But it all depended on how much time Gwen had.]

How long have you got? Before you need to leave? Not trying to impose, yeah? Just might be able to help out, is all.
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Right, then, that should be time enough. Any ill feelings towards scrambled eggs?

[The gifts of being a mutant. Elisabeth would use her telepathy to get this lady a proper breakfast. She wasn't always so charitable, but Gwen radiated a sense of sweetness that was contagious, and she was rather beautiful to boot.]
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[Especially when no one is this nice in New York, except for after 9/11.

Still, the British lady smiled and dipped her head once.

Brill, eggs it is.

[She telepathically reached out to the cook's mind and implanted the thought to make scrambled eggs as a take away order, and that it should be delivered to one Miss Stacy.]

Shouldn't be more than five minutes, luv. Have you lived here long, then?
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[Lis parroted her actions. Her eyes lit up and the tiniest of smirks claimed her mouth as she began to explain.] Ah, right, that. Ever hear of the X-Men?
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[Her smile widened, flashing those neat, white teeth of hers.] I am, indeed. It's nice to see you're not the sort to scream or run.

[The lady held out her hand to Gwen, introducing herself.] Name's Psylocke, yeah? But Elisabeth works just fine, too.
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[Colour Lis impressed. It showed as much on her features, brows perked and lips gathered to one side of her mouth.

When words found her once more, she responded:
] As well you should be, luv. I'd certainly want to boast, especially with how young you are. Impressive, indeed. What did you study, if I may inquire?
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Really, now?

[Elisabeth was suddenly far more interested in the graduate than she previously thought. It wasn't every day that someone met another being so receptive towards mutants...let alone, fascinated.

It was just as Lis was asking more questions that the breakfast foods were placed in front of the blonde.

Seems this was more than just a chance meeting then, Miss Gwen. What all have you encountered?

[Being an X-Man, one saw a slew of abilities, between the students, her team mates, and those they crossed paths with. Her travels had only increased those numbers, but every so often you met someone who was just...different. Psylocke was certainly an odd case, indeed, being a body that was never her own.]
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You know Spider-man? How did that come about?
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[Yeah, that sounded like Parker. Lis gave her a small smile.]


[She reached for her tea cup and turned it in a circle, twice.]

Maybe we could have a chat about my abilities one day? When you have more time.

[She lifted her eyes to Gwen.]
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Silly, I hadn't meant the falling, but rather the keeping in touch bit.

[But she winked to show she was merely teasing the other woman.

Lis accepted the card and ran her thumb over the print, nodding.

Yeah, cheers. I'll be sure to do that.