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Epic Warbler party hangover. Good times.
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[personal profile] sassygaywarbler 2012-09-20 01:35 pm (UTC)(link)
In the age of modern technology, such as video cameras in phones, I have no idea why anyone gets drunk anymore...

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OH MY GOD! Can you send that to my phone, Trentster? I need that to save for posterity.
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Don't lie. You just want to Photoshop the crotch lift for your iPhone wallpaper.
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<_< Who, me? Noooo... Okay, yes. Yes, yes and a hundred times yes.
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Oh, great. Now I have "Who Stole The Cookie From the C-C-Cookie Jar" stuck in my head, bitch. I hate you so much right now. Why can't I find a boyfriend who gets drunk and touches himself up in public?
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LOL! I used to sing that all the time when I watched Barney when I was a kid! Wow, I just actually said that, too. Well, I guess because Nicky's one of a kind. Just hope you don't get one who's a Blainers kind of drunk. LOL.
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You're disowned. I can't be friends with anyone who watched Barney. I want my Chia Pet and Shania CD back. I don't want Nickles, I want my own boyfriend. I don't share, blondie. By the way, Blaine spent basically the entire party trying to convince me you were a long lost Hanson brother who they disowned because of potential third nipple syndrome. No MMMBop for you!
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Hey! Give me a break here, the kids who didn't watch Barney are a minority! But I love Shania! Well, I know, but I think Nicky is the only drunken crotch grabber around. :P Are you serious?! LOLOL! I only have two nipples! They would've let me sing! If I weren't really tiny at the time...
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The kids who don't watch Barney don't need therapy before they're pre-teens. You and Tom Cruise's kid will be sharing a shrink waiting room soon. That's my prediction. Well, he's the only one who grabs his own crotch, anyway. I'll take one like Blaine, who grabs Kurt's. I wouldn't be opposed to that. Yes, his theory is Batman with a giant laser visited you in your sleep and burnt it off so you can be The Chosen One in your next life. Batman is the new messiah.
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I didn't need therapy! Just ADHD meds! Ew, DNW. This is probably true. Blaine and Kurt would bang right in front of the whole damn party when they're drunk enough, I'm fully convinced. What the... Only Blaine, dude. Onnnnnnly Blaine would come up with that kind of theory. Batman would be a pretty cool Messiah, though.
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So, go take them and give me Shania back! That's why Kurt usually TT's and lets Blaine at it. I think it was the red in the Cosmos that was doing it to him. Either that, or the weed. Puckerman was slipping him a joint out the back when Kurt had his hag harem around him.
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No... I'm holding Shania hostage! That's probably for the best. Unless their goal is to become live porn. LOL! It's a wonder Kurt doesn't make Puck hurt in all sorts of well-thought out ways.
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You evil bitch. I'm taking you out of my will... and posting a picture of Nick's bare ass on Facebook. Kurt will kill everyone who watches. It will be a massacre. I think he has a little black book of torture devices and is just waiting for the right time to pounce.
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Post Nicky's bare ass on Facebook, and Shania gets it! My boyfriend is part Mafia, I know all kinds of evil ways to kill... even if I'd only be killing a CD. That's true. But it would be like... Kind of hard not to watch if two people just start going at it on the coffee table in front of you. That wouldn't surprise me. Sometimes, I thought he was gonna use that book on me for my crazy moments.
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Give me Shania and I won't post it. Until then, no deal, princess. Having a Mafia boyfriend doesn't make you Mafia, doofus, it makes you a target if you fuck with him. Kurt wouldn't be that cheap. He would at least do it on a pool table or a piano. Kurt? Nah, he only goes after people who threaten Blaine... or his wardrobe.
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I want that in writing. Also, I want to know how you got a photo of Nicky's bare ass, because I've been trying to get one for ages, and he always gets grumpy with me! Well, yeah, that, too. But if you marry into the Mafia, that shit's for life! True... No coffee tables for the Queen, yo! There was that one time I almost puked on his shirt...
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About hit upload on Facebook. You better hurry. I'm just special and clever, you're not. Dude, ain't no dudes marrying in Lima. You'll have to wait to get your Capone on. There was one time Blaine did. Lucky it was Blaine. He was allowed to live.
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DON'T YOU DARE! THAT'S MY ASS! I need that photo on my phone, pls. I know, but New York, baby! I remember that. We were all holding our breath for the murder, and Kurt went into protective boyfriend mode because he was worried about Blaine.
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Shania, bitch. And stat, or the upload button gets it! You're not in New York yet. Kurt just wanted to murder whoever it was that spiked Blaine's drinks. I don't think he ever found out who it was.
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You bitch... You sassy, scary bitch. Well, hopefully it won't just be New York forever. I don't think so, either. I think he had suspicions, but never pinned it.
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Rue the day Kurt Hummel ever walked the halls of Dalton. He was a fine, fine Gay Yoda Dumbledore of wisdom. Damn Blaine for tapping that before I had a chance to. It was Ethan and Puck in a joint taskforce, and I think they had some sort of Bro Code blood pact to protect themselves.
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LOL! I don't think any of us had a chance from the moment Kurt saw Blaine. He was pretty much set on that. Why am I not surprised by that? Those two together is like... E's deviousness times two.
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Yeah, I know. They had boners for each other at first site. Will never not be jealous. E was the mastermind, Puck was the beef.
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Hey, you hadn't even warmed up there, schnookums. You should see the rest of the footage :D I'm saving that for your 21st.
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Let the record state that I DID NOT choose to be your neighbour and I resent the fact you keep me awake bonking during all hours of the night.
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He would make an awesome ventriloquist changing up two voices like he does, in that case. And he must have named his hand Nicky in your honour. How sweet.
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Why can't you lot just get buttplugs? Seems fair to me.