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Amy turned her head slightly toward Rory's voice, putting a finger on the page she'd been reading so she wouldn't lose her place. She'd actually read the same paragraoh five times already, distracted by thoughts of living in the past as their future. It made her head hurt.

"That'll be an interesting letter to receive," she observed softly.

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She was still thinking about that, the whole writing to her parents thing. What would she say? 'Dear Mum and Dad, Rory and I were zapped into the past by the Weeping Angels while in New York, helping the Doctor and River save the world. Again. No way home. Miss us if you feel like it, though I don't know if you will.'

Maybe that last bit was uncharitable, but Amy came by her stubborness naturally. Butting heads made supper with the folks a bit of a strain.

No chance to fix that now, she thought sadly.

"I might," she replied, pretending to return to her book. Oh, look: the same paragraph... "If its a good quality SIM, it might make it to 2012..."
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"I don't know," she said. Well, she sort of knew, but the concept was almost more terrifying than encountering the Daleks again. At least with them she knew where she stood. Or ran. Whatever.

Amy sighed heavily and closed her book. They had somewhere to live, which had been unexpected, but then River was full of surprises. "I'm going to write, but I don't think that'll bring home the bacon. Well, more bacon than a doctor, anyway. Writing pays pittance at the moment..."
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"Yeah. Stupid." She turned in her chair to look at him properly. "You should write that down. That was very poetic." She smiled. "And no, I'm not kidding. That was... It made me feel good."
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"You didn't always do what I said, which was just as well, sometimes." She might be confident, but she wasn't stupid. If she lived as long as the Doctor or Rory, maybe she'd be a contender for being in charge.

That she took charge quite often was a different thing.

"Hmm, my boys..."

And there was that pang again. Amy doubted if it would ever completely go away, though it was early days yet.
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Amy hugged him back and found herself reluctant to let go. She had common sense, but it tended to tell her that she could manage to get away with what she wanted to do, anyway. It wasn't always right, but her instincts weren't too bad. Not really. Mostly.

Rory grounded her, an anchor, the voice of reason, on occasion. She smiled a little, remembering all sorts of moments where he'd been there for her. For all of them.

"Yeah, lots of fun."
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She wasn't going to cry. Been there, done that. She'd probably have some more crying for a while, on and off, as suddenly as a tap when it hits her that they aren't going to see the Doctor anymore and their adventures in time and space are over - this is it for them: Reality.

But no tears now.

"Always," she whispered back. "Can we hug like this while we make dinner or is that really inconvenient?" She was trying to shake the melancholy mood.
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Amy sighed and pulled back enough to meet Rory's eyes with her own. "Casserole. So... June Cleaver, only you look much better than she did." One of her hands slid lightly down his arm and her fingers linked with his. "It might be easier if we just... hold hands."
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"That wasn't a skirt, it was a dress," she clarified, her smile teasing. She lightly bumped her shoulder with his and headed for the kitchen. If he didn't want to come with her, he'd have to let go of her hand, because she was intent on taking him there. "And I thought you looked quite good in it." Amy also thought she suited her interpretation of the Raggedy Man, but she didn't say so.
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Amy placed her chin on his shoulder, standing close enough that holding hands wouldn't be uncomfortable and she could watch what he was doing.

"But you looked adorable in it, Rory," she murmured in his ear.
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"Did I say I wanted you to do that again?" she asked, then let her teeth nibble lightly on his ear lobe. "Maybe I could wear the pearls this time... and nothing else..."
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"Um-hmm," she said, pressing a soft kiss afainst the side of his throat. "Me, a fluffy bed with squeaky springs and little gifts from oysters..." Amy wanted to eat and soon, but she couldn't help herself, sometimes. She just loved him so much. The pearls had been an early indulgence shortly after their arrival, a gift from Rory using some of the funds River had provided.
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Amy grinned, rather pleased the knife was safely on the counter now. Wouldn't do to have someone be accidentally cut. Besides, an injury would certainly break the mood. "Mmmm," she echoed. "I wonder if there's a costume shop nearby? You know, for those times when we want to role play?"
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She thought about smacking him for the sewing machine comment, but then he was all romantic, wasn't it? And who was she to break the mood? It was a shame she hadn't been sent back into the past with her handcuffs...

Amy kissed her husband on the lips, enjoying the feel of his body against hers.
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Oh, props could wait. Everything could wait when she was in Rory's arms. When he moaned, it made her flush. God, she could still remember the moment of revelation when she'd been told by Mel that he was actually in love with her and wasn't gay at all. The penny had dropped, indeed. Amy deepened the kiss, because she could, and suspected dinner would be much later.
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