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*comes to the door in boxers*
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[She pauses and takes a good look, from head to toe, at the mostly naked man standing in the doorway. When she reaches his eyes, she grins.]

Is this how you always greet people?
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Ah, but you didn't know I was coming.
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sorry for delay, busy rl...

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He said you were incorrigible.
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more of the same...

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All right, Captain Harkness, I have two things to say to that: How did you know my name? And what makes you think I'm going to believe that no one else thinks you're incorrigible?
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*hugs back* thanks

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How do you manage that?

And being you is incorrigible.
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[Amy sighs and crosses the threahold.]

Thanks. So, this is 'home'?
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Hi there! :)

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So, where are you at in your time line? You claim to know about me...
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Craziness, I tell you...

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Secrets. Great. Let me guess. Spoilers?

I've got some 'gaps' about you, too. Tell me more about yourself, Captain Harkness, and I'll see if I'll share anything about me.
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[She shrugs.]

I've experienced plenty of 'nasty'.

Let's work on the time line thing and maybe... a cup of tea?