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[stalking quietly towards something...tail swishing]
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[Yuki doesn't dare take his eyes off the cats, but he does continue to back away. The door was closed, but he could squeeze underneath it and the cat couldn't follow. Providing, of course, he could do so in time.]

Come on, transformation, I know you can be random, but changing back would be really nice about now ....
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[He was just about close enough to the door to make a break for it. Now or never! Spinning around, he dashes for the space under the door.]
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[Yuki squeaks involuntarily in his panic as one paw smacks him hard enough to make him roll a couple of feet away from the door. Now with the cat between he and the door, he runs in the opposite direction, searching for a hiding spot]
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[Yuki doesn't know the cat is playing and is pretty well terrified for his life. He has just found himself cornered when his transformation finally kicks in and a loud POP is accompanied by a cloud of coloured smoke. When it clears, a beautiful naked boy is left behind.]

Whew, it's about time! [reaches for the clothes that had dropped when he first transformed.] I'm sorry, kitty, but the rat is gone -- it's just me now.
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[Finished dressing, Yuki smiles at the cat and holds out his hand for it to sniff]

I wonder if I still smell like rat to you? I'm sorry if I scared you with my transformation -- it's not something I can control.
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[Yuki tentatively begins to scratch under her chin and behind her ears]

There you go, you're really a nice cat, aren't you? Much nicer than the stupid one that I live with who is constantly trying to beat me in a fight.
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[Yuki smiles, enjoying the purr and the kitty's response. He obliges by intensifying the scratch, this time right where she wants it.]

I wonder where your owner is -- you're so pretty and well-cared for that you must have one. I wonder if I have any food on me -- food that isn't ME in rat form, that is. [Looks through his pockets] I have some beef jerky. A classmate gave it to me, but I find it too salty. [Opens it and offers her a piece.]