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Would you do anything for a dare?
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Invasion of the body snatchers! Hope you don't mind, couldn't help myself!

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I probably wouldn't do anything for a dare.
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Why would you?

....I was thinking the same thing.
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...I haven't a clue. I know I don't have a twin.

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So what's this about dares? Would you do anything on a dare?
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A toad, really?
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Like, exactly what kind of a dare? {She asked in a breathy, almost disinterested voice.}
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Well, I think it depends on the person and the circumstances.
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There's a sudden flurry of black robes as someone over there finds a quick place to hide, leaving the young woman he was walking with to answer the question on her own.

"Certainly not," is Mikoto's curt reply, as she studies this stranger. She can guess one reason for Regulus's very rapid disappearing act attempt - this must be someone from the same or a similar world.
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"Because to do whatever someone suggests simply because they 'dared' me to would allow them control over my actions. It is idiotic to allow someone that much control simply for the sake of amusement."