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I wasn't expecting to see you.
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[ John came to see about getting a medical report on a recent murder victim, and he knew going to Molly would be a lot better than going through the rest of the morgue staff. ] Sorry, I didn't give you a call. [ John admits sheepishly, as he hands her over the request forms for the medical report and to see the body. ]

I was a little distracted with everything that has taken place recently. [ Everything, it is all a total mess, and hearing Jim's voice still has him a bit shaken up. ] I still can't believe there's this chance he's still alive!
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[ John folds his arms against his chest, and he patiently waits for her to get him the report. ]

That's the thing, Sherlock said he should be dead. Of course, Sherlock should be dead also, but this doesn't explain Moriarty. He saw him die; we knew it was him... [ John wonders if this is another fake, and if it was another one of Mycroft's schemes. ]

I just wish I knew who we could trust. I mean I do trust Sherlock, but I'm not sure if all of this is a messed up dream.
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I'm afraid I wasn't able to get any information containing that, I tried, but there was tons of red-tape to go through.

[ John sighs with a look of pure frustration on his face. ] Course I can, just if I knew where it was, I'd have told you long ago. Mycroft isn't exactly going to let us in on any juicy details that might be useful.

It could've been a body double, I'm sure a genius mastermind like Moriarty would have his fair share of them stashed all over the bloody planet.
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Course I know that I can trust you, I didn't have any doubt in my mind about that.
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[ John returns the smile, he understands why she wasn't able to tell him about Sherlock. ]

You were following orders; I understand your reasoning behind this. Still I would have loved to know he was just okay. It would have been better than all of the mad guessing.
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[ The change of subject is welcoming, and John perks up at the mention of Mary. Sure, it is a risk to raise a family right now, but he's absolutely tickled to become a father. ] That she is! And, I'm very lucky to have found someone like her.
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[ Even with Sherlock's return and the potential for the same to be said about Moriarty, John is still a very happy man at this point. ]

We're getting along great with another, and I just hope we can manage to do our best to try our hands at being parents. Christ if I thought walking down the isle was horrifying.
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I do hope so. We'll try our best considering we've got some bumps to deal with.
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It's okay!

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Of course, we've got a rather unique situation in which we're raising a child in.

[ He is quite happy to hear she's willing to offer him a hand. As for the paperwork, John didn't forget it, but having people to talk to about the little things is always nice. ]

And, I'll be sure to take you up on your offer for a sitter. So what do you plan to do with yourself?
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[ Sherlock and normal hardly seem to go with one another, but the Holmes' family did seem normal. And, perhaps John is blind to things going on in that household.

He sighs, and he takes hold of the folder and opens it up to skim over the first page.
] Yes, what are your plans for yourself? That's if you have anything on your mind.
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No, no, of course not. It was stupid of me to think you have moved on.