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Hands on your head.
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Automated functioning and weaponry, how... interesting.

I have no quarrel with you, cyborg, but interfere with my goals and I will be forced to take action.
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[Victor's own analysis of the half machine suggests an array of technological upgrades, not one to be underestimated, especially if he proves to be as tiresomely meddlesome as the Batman and his spawn. In response to the gun Victor raises and charges the Ice cannon, massive yet he is easily able to hold it in one hand. He appears equally unnerved. Having virtually no emotion will do that.]

You are in no position to demand anything of me. I require that device for scientific purposes. It may save the life of the one I... care for. So stand aside.
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[You know, there are probably worse positions to be in when a mech hears those words, but face first in a dumpster is pretty close to the top of that list. Figures. Whirl has ALL the luck. The bad kind.]

[It's not his fault Optimus was all like 'yes, use the energy converters but no you can't pick up random cats on the street to convert for fuel'. Fraggin' rules. Fraggin' stupid rules. ]

I'm gonna go

[Because what the frag, you come up to his crotch. He ain't afraid of you.]
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[He may have faced bigger, but has he faced awesomer and more un...uh, vincible, than Whirl? Whirl would scoff at the very thought.]

[But his optic, peering over the edge of the dumpster, sees a weapon, pointed at his leg. He kicks the foot, experimentally, watching the gun track. Hey! Kind of neat! If it weren't, you know, a weapon pointed at his foreknee.]

[Slag. Welp. So much for 'robots in disguise'. He was never good at this stealth slag, anyway. So he'll push out of the dumpster, feet coming to rest on the ground, standing up. It's really hard to roll your eyes when you have one optic, but Primus bless him, he's trying!]

Is this the part where we swap ultimatums?

[Because Whirl likes ultimatums.]

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Oh, come on. He just got off the bus not even five minutes ago!

"Is there a problem, off..i....cer?"

Andy trails off as he turns to face the cop, who turns out to not be a cop at all. Or at least not any kind of cop he's ever seen before.

Okay, so there is that unfortunate problem of him currently being the lead suspect in a handful of murders. But isn't this a little overkill, Detroit?
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Took a peek at your prefs and couldn't resist prosing it up. :D

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For a second or two Andy thought maybe this was just a man in a suit. Until he started moving.

Andy takes an instinctive step back, because this isn't a man advancing on him. It can't be, not making noises like that just to walk. There's something about the way the metal man moves that's just wrong, wrong in a way Andy doesn't have the words for. He'd make a break for it right then and there, except for that gun currently leveled at his chest. He learned a bit about guns at Kent, and he's never seen a gun like this before. Slowly he raises his hands and spreads his palms open.

"You're... you're not a cop," Andy sputters, staying where he is. "What are you?"

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You're too kind, for realz. <3

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Okay, so maybe Chell was technically trespassing by sneaking into the building and getting up to the roof of the skyscraper. But after being stuck underground for...however long she had been trapped in Aperture's labs, she just wanted to see the sky from as high up as humanly possible. She almost allows a 'Why?' to slip past her lips when she turns around and sees that whoever possessed that voice did not, in fact, seem human. Oh sure, he was bipedal and sounded human (but then, so had Wheatley, and she remembers very clearly how that situation had turned out), but otherwise he seemed to be robotic.

Just her luck.

She turns fully to face him, making sure to step a little bit closer in from the edge of the roof so that the Weighted Companion Cube that's tied to her back doesn't accidentally pull her over the edge if a strong enough breeze blows past. The t-shirt she's wearing is obviously made for a man much larger than her and was probably stolen off of someone's clothesline, though the bright orange jumpsuit with the arms tied around her waist and the odd boots she's wearing fit her perfectly fine. Instead of putting her hands on her head, she just keeps them at her side and shrugs, giving him a defiant little smirk, as if to say 'If you want me, you'll have to come get me.'

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The moment she sees his face, she inhales sharply. Robot? Thing? Whatever he is, has thoroughly ensured that her defenses are up. Because robots? She can deal with. People? She's fairly certain she can deal with. But a physical blending of the two? She doesn't know and she doesn't want to know how Aperture (because she's certain he came from Aperture, who else would do something like that?) made something like that.

Chell looks over her back, checking how far down she'll have to go. And really? She's pretty sure that she had bigger jumps at the training facility, not to mention the fall into old Aperture had farther than this and she survived that. With a glance down at her boots to muster her courage, she turns around and jumps.

The way she falls is deliberate. Knees slightly bent and feet first, almost as if she was jumping off of a platform and not one of the tallest buildings in downtown Detroit. Her shirt flaps around her and if anyone had wandered into the alley below to watch would have gotten an eyeful as she approached the ground.

Once she lands, she glances up at the roof that she jumped from, more than certain that he won't be chasing after her and allowing herself a small, real smile. She's free.

And if he wants to take her back to GLaDOS or to whatever testing facility he'll be dragging her to, he'll have to kill her.

Sounds good!

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The target Blonsky's after skitters away as they round a corner and he nearly smacks into Murphy, a snarl on his face. He's in black commando-style gear and while there are technicalities saying he shouldn't be after someone in a populated area, it's not his fault the guy rabbited out of the containment zone. He's lost the target, the guy practically turns invisible once line-of-sight is lost, and this tin-can wearing hotshot is to blame.

"Bloody hell! Who invited you?!" He's not moving to put those hands on his head, but he doesn't have any weapons on him either. Not that he really needed a gun these days.
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There's a brief curl of his lip and then the comms earbud he's wearing squelches and he winces as a voice shouts across the line.

"Queen1! Do you have the target!?"

"Hold that thought." Blonsky pays no regard to the man...thing in front of him and puts a hand to his ear. "Lost 'em, sir." And then his focus is right back on Murphy as he pulls the earbud out, completely ignoring the voice on the other end suddenly demanding why and how he'd lost the target. Blonsky wanted to know as well. "Right, who's asking?"

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[Malcolm groans but raises his hands.]

An armored robot....really how boring.
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Sorry I forgot to be PC there for a second. Cyborg cop then.

I'll give you this you are quick I just killed my target five minutes ago.

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Wha--what? An' jus' who in the hell are ye supposed tae be? Ah've got work tae do!

[Since his arrival and the arrival of his older self from the future of his own reality, the Starfleet Lieutenant had tried to stay out of trouble. Really! It wasn't his fault these goons were trying to steal Federation technology from his runabout. Still he stood still at the command, hands raised but not on his head just yet, hoping at least that this tin-man has access to government databases and enough access to recognize one of the Federation/Starfleet liaisons to the US government.]
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Is there some kind o' problem, officer? Ah'm expected back on my ship, an' Ah'm nae about tae jes' abandon me duties because some tin-plated Borg-wannabe tells me so!

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Aren't cops supposed to ask questions first? Clark is fairly sure that's the general M.O. for law enforcement. Ask a few questions, ask to see a driver's license or other identification, and then go for an arrest if things seem hinky. It's not like he's actually scaled the wall yet. Surely just looking over one isn't a crime. Not like he's trespassing. Yet. But, seeing as how he'd like to keep his reputation intact in Michigan, Clark keeps his hands low and away from his sides, and stays where he's perched on the stack of crates.

"Something wrong, officer?"

He thinks (hopes) the guy - robot - is a police officer, anyway.
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i am so late with this. sorry, caught the flu.

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Yes, clearly it's his system having a little malfunction or two, and absolutely no other reason whatsoever. Like an alien masquerading as a human, for instance. Because that will be silly.

"I'm a journalist with the Daily Planet, investigating those accidents. This is the first time I've heard of questions. Do you have a warrant?"

Clark's tone of voice suggests he's read a few things about the legal system. Or watched a few Law & Order marathons. (Or both).