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I can't see myself settling down.
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That's not a bad thing though, right?
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Horrible? I wouldnt go that far. Where else would you live? An apartment? A shack? A riverboat? Hm.. I guess there are lots of other places you could live.
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What, like a traveling nomad kinda thing? *Yeah, Jamie misses that time bit, too* I've only really ever been in one place my whole life.
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With other people? *he nods, wishing he could do that* Did you travel to a lot of places right when you left home, or did it take you a while to save up?
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Yeah, I guess even hitchhikers have places to get to. I think I'd be too fidgety for something like that.

Lucky you. *he laughs, cause he wishes that would be case. He wishes he didnt have to worry about the money he made for the roof he wants to keep over his head* I haven't even made it past the East coast.
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Sounds like the perfect kind of life, actually. I hope to travel one day.

Hey, New York is fab! It can be as exotic as you make it. You can find anything here.
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Have you always traveled?

I like off the beaten track. It's usually cheaper, too. Where are you from originally?
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What kind of jobs did you do? Is... your caravan okay now?

*Jamie believes it easily, because he really has no reason not to* On any map? *he chuckles* I bet I could find it on Google maps. You can zoom right down to someone's window on that thing. I kinda figured a little cause of your accent.
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So you're like a handy man type deal. That's cool.

Oh yeah, it's totally intrusive. I don't really like it at all, but it's super popular. You never used it before? Are you an old school map kinda guy?
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Seems like it! So did you fix up your caravan all on your own, then?

Wow, you're really old school if you follows the stars as a map. Not that you're old. I think that's cool. It's hard to see the maps in a big city, though.
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I could have used you about a month ago. My kitchen sink was dead.

*He looks up as well, but it's hard to see with all the other lights* I don't really get a chance to get out of the city very often. Hardly at all, actually.
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I have a lot of things going here. I'm usually pretty busy. And up until a couple weeks ago I couldn't really afford it.
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Yeah, no you're right. I guess I just haven't really tried to make time for it. I work a lot on the weekends.
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On no, no. I can't take a weekend off. They need me. And... well, I need them too. I'm well rested. I get Mondays off and Wednesdays most weeks. I just forget to get out of the city too, I guess.
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I don't think they would be very glad, but maybe I can ask anyway. I suppose I've been doing a little better this past month, money-wise. I already have my rent paid off. *he blinks for a moment, then laughs lightly, shaking his head* Oh no, not a very important job. I dance. At a club.
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What brought this on?
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But you two are basically immortal. [ Have a reassuring smile in your direction, Doctor. That's what Rose thinks, anyways. It's easier to imagine a universe without herself in it than one without him flying about time and space in his blue box, changing lives.

She shrugs, leaning back against the console as she watches him, lips pursed. ]

Living in a house isn't so bad. I s'pose, with the right person and all. [ Throat cleared, she raises her gaze to the ceiling, pretending to be focused elsewhere. ]
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Nor can I. I'll settle down when I'm dead.
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eeeek 5ever late but yes!

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Oi, that's my race you're talking about. Be nice. [She's teasing, sensing his unease.]

Job and house I might not mind so much, only as long the job keeps me busy and I'm not somebody's desk monkey. Actually, I'd very much like the house. Perhaps I'll go buy one.
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ohman i geeked out at that metatron opening

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[She smirks, putting both hands on her hips.] TARDIS broke down? Tsk, tsk, have you been running her too hard?

[She's so very tempted to go touch the TARDIS and ask what the poor doctor's done to her - but really, this younger him can be a bit of a hothead and she doesn't need to make him jealous. Boys and their toys. Some things never change.]

What do you mean by clues? You're suspecting she's stuck for a reason - beyond the usual 'some poor soul needs your help' bit?

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I'm shocked.
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[Koschei just gives a light scoff.] Oh, don't tell me that you've lost the ability to detect sarcasm, Theta.
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I suppose you wouldn’t. [Koschei steps forwards, surveying him. Tall. Lanky. Tight-fitted navy suit. He clasps his hands behind his back and tilts his head up--damn his height in this regeneration.] I regenerated a number of years after I left Gallifrey. You never liked the Academy much, did you? Not that I blame you, of course, it was dreadful. Insipid.
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Or the grounds of my Father’s estates. Mm, yes, I remember. [Then again, it was only a few centuries ago. Child’s play.]

You graduated because, against all evidence to the contrary, you are intelligent. [Not as much as Koschei is, of course--but then again, who is?] And, of course, my kind assistance. No small part.
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Finding daisies blooming in the snow. Sneaking down to the fruit-stands in the capitol. Yes, how very idyllic.

[His lips finally quirk--ah, there it is. The little dawn of recognition! Oh, it's always delightful.]

Indeed. Whatever happened?