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Really shouldn't talk about my dream.
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Oh...well you don't have to if you don't want.

Unless you do.

[As someone who people saw as a good listener, Molly found that usually when people said they really shouldn't, it implied they wanted to and probably would anyway.]

I...I won't judge you.
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You know I won't tell John. Or Sherlock. Or anyone, actually.

[Molly thinks it's rather nice that she's able to think of Mary as a friend. It's nice having someone who understands her weird job and work schedule and devotion to a git like Sherlock. Most of her other friends are confused at why she's broken it off with Tom. They think she's making a mistake. Mary doesn't judge. She also pours a spectacular glass of wine. It's exactly what Molly needs after this week and she assumes what Mary needs as well with a new baby around.]

Well...we've all had sex dreams at one time or another.

[Still, a little color comes to Molly's cheeks when she says it, even if she says it like it's no big deal. Of course many of her dreams have revolved around a certain consulting detective and she's sure Mary can surmise that. She picks up the wine glass and takes a sip, hoping Mary doesn't want her to expand on that statement. ]

But how strange is...strange?

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[Molly's eyebrows raise.]

Anthea? Really?

[She'd only met the woman on one occasion, during the time when Sherlock was "dead." Well "met" is maybe a strong word for it. Had been in the vicinity of while she spoke at Molly and typed on her mobile, looking terribly unimpressed with the world. She supposed that could be a turn on for someone. Sort of.]

Well, she's rather attractive, if you don't take her personality into consideration at all.

[Molly's ears burn a bit at the mention of Sherlock and DI Lestrade. Two people she's possibly also had dreams about.]

Wow, that's...a lot of sex dreams. [Not judging, just commenting.] Is this just since the baby?

[Perhaps the lack of sex after birth has Mary a bit wound up. Probably better than her losing her sex drive entirely which seems to sometimes happen to new mothers.]
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[She nods and takes another rather large sip of her wine. The Sherlock and John thing is still a lot for her to take in. There had always been the rumours, but still. That was all she thought they were.]

I'm probably not the best source of advice since I can't say my sex life has been great since Tom left, but have you thought

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[Mary has let Molly in on her secret former life. It didn't phase Molly much. Everyone has things in their past they aren't proud of and everyone deserves a second chance at life and to make up for the things they've done.]

I imagine that's incredibly difficult on top of the already difficult matter of dating. Do you think you would have actually ever told John the truth, if you hadn't been forced into it?

[She grins back at Mary at her next statement.]

I've had a couple one night stands. They can be fun but in the end I find them unfulfilling. And usually there has to be quite a bit of liquid courage involved for me to be comfortable with it at all.
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[Molly laughs and shakes her head a bit fondly before taking a sip of her drink.]

Alright, alright.

His name was Jonathan actually. It was during year four. We used to chase each other on the playground. All very cliche I'm afraid.
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Did your parents know you were in a relationship with her and that's why they disliked her or did they just dislike her in general?

[Molly couldn't imagine what her parents would have done if in secondary school she'd shown an interest in girls. They were accepting enough, but that was when other people's children were involved, not their own. She's sure they wouldn't have disowned her or anything so dramatic, but it would have been difficult for a while.]

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[Molly listens attentively, interested in the picture Mary paints of this young love she had. By comparison, Molly's own teenage years were much tamer. Rather boring, she thinks, looking back on it.]

You should write a book. Really. It sounds like something you'd read about in a young adult coming-of-age novel.

[Molly gives her a sincere smile and then her eyebrows raise at the refill of her wine glass. They are most definitely going to be drunk soon. But hopefully not crying.

Although, talking about Sherlock isn't going to help things. She hates how just the sound of his name still causes a tightness in her chest. It seems unfair, all things considered, that her body won't get on board with her mind. You are over him. You are over him. Mind over matter. That's supposed to work right? She forces out a laugh at the future Mary envisions for her, taking another sip of wine. She tries to stay hopeful that someone like that is out there for her. It's not easy.]

We'll see. At this point I'd settle for someone who cared enough to go on a second date with me.

[She laughs again.]
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Quite alright. :)

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[Molly knows that Mary understands how she feels and even to a larger degree. Molly never had Sherlock, she never even had the promise of Sherlock. Mary on the other hand fell in love, married, and had a baby with John. Molly is impressed that Mary is holding up with the whole thing as well as she is. And it's why Molly doesn't express her own sadness because she feels she has no right for Mary's sympathy when the other woman has gone through so much more.]

I...that's all very kind. Really. I appreciate it Mary. But there's no need...I mean, to say, I'm alright. Really. Still getting over Tom a bit of course. And a different sort of way I suppose, since he was never mine in the first place.

[She shrugs. Molly's not very comfortable whenever attention shifts in her direction like that. It's really okay to her that people don't notice. Although it is a little nice when someone does. But it's still uncomfortable for her.]

But I'm very glad for your friendship and I should really be the one thanking you for having me over.

[She laughs genuinely when Mary suggests a tipsy manicure.]

I rarely have any sort of a manicure, so a tipsy one sounds just fine.
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Sorry to take so long, I've been away.

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[Molly looks at the array of colours and picks a subtle light pink. She figures it'll wear better than any of the darker shades. Nail polish doesn't really mix well with her profession - all the gloves and hand washing - but it'll be nice to have some on for a bit.]

I'm enjoying this just fine.

[It's always awkward when she tries to pick someone up at a bar. Doubly so when a friend is trying to help. It just makes her feel silly.]