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 Life's all about fresh starts, right?
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Only for a lucky few.
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[He's a very large man, in person, even with the metal arms hidden under his coat. Their bulk makes him look like a hunchback.] Ah. You'll excuse me if I don't offer my congratulations.
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[It's marginally less obvious than having them out and waving around. There aren't many options for looking normal, when you've got those things fused to your spine.]
Oh? Why, are you looking to change careers? Getting out of the spandex life?
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[They should all be grateful he's not wearing spandex. Nobody wants to see that on somebody his age and weight.]

Hnnnh. I keep my eyes and ears open.
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[Doc Ock will not be held responsible for any commentary which occurs strictly in narrative format.]

You expect me to believe it'll stay that way?
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[If Clint thinks that's traumatizing, he shouldn't be trusted to surf the internet.]

Pull yourself up again, rather than relying on somebody else to give you a hand up. [Honest advice from experience, even if his tone is bitter.]
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[To say nothing of the fanfic. It's probably for the best if the bad doctor avoids those parts of the internet.]

[One eyebrow rises, and he gives a little smirk.] Hmn. Wouldn't you like to know...
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[Doc Ock would definitely not want to read that, either.]

We are, I suppose. Is that going to tarnish your reputation?