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[Raiding someone's scrap heap for parts.]
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[Doing likewise, from the other side.]
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[The stranger is a large man in a ratty army-green coat, but he's paused to frown at the stranger, momentarily frozen as he assesses the potential threat. Then there's a soft rattling as something metal slithers and retracts from sorting through scrap to hide under the coat. No ordinary man, this.]

...What are you looking for? [It's not strictly courtesy, he isn't sure if they're going to be competing for material, here.]
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[That's as it should be. He doesn't mind putting people on edge. There's no posturing yet, though. He's a large man, and that by itself is usually enough as a start. His expression relaxes slightly, though.]

Ah. I'm seeking smaller parts than that. Odds and ends...
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Electronics, mostly. Wire. Finer pieces to be used for circuitry. [If the stranger wants to help him out, he doesn't mind a bit, but he's not so quick to return the offer.]
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Yes... it can be hard to find anything of real value in a place like this. [He sighs and tosses aside a clump of frayed wires.]

If I see any helicopter crashes, I'll be sure to let you know. [He half though about offering to cause one, just because mayhem and destruction would be cathartic after the frustration of picking through scraps.]
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Hairless-?!! [He's been called many things, but never that, thank you. Not that he's met many people as hirsute as Chance.]

[It did the trick, anyways, as he's noticed the radio the stranger is holding up.]
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[He does catch it, but shapes stir under his coat as he does, too much movement to be dismissed by wind.]

I take it you're not from around here?
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[He gives a slim smile, one that's more superior than it is friendly. Of course it's smart. He's a genius.] I'm from New York, if that's what you mean, but I tend not to put down roots...

[He pauses, watching, then a metal tentacle snakes from under his coat and flicks aside a part of a car door in Chance's way, tossing it aside as easily as if it were made of paper.]
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[No shock or alarm, so that's interesting. The robotic tentacle retreats again, the claw at the end swaying around ankle level, while another claw peeks out. There is a red light in the center of each, glowing, watching.]

[He raises an eyebrow, and picks at the radio carefully.] I can't say that I do... what is he a doctor of?
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[Is he implying somebody else made his actuators? He is, isn't he. The nerve...]

These? [All four rise abruptly, claws opening, watching Chance with intense focus.] My own design. Doctor Otto Octavius.
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[It's menacing, but the threat is indirect. He is content, for the moment, just to be recognized as potentially dangerous. Chance's expression is enough for now.]

It was a question that assumed my reliance on others... but I'll let it pass. [The open claws lower, one by one, returning to picking through scraps, while he uses another to help him pry apart the radio.]

Why are you looking for helicopter parts?
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...You have a jet? [It's not that he has any use for one, but the idea that this potentially extra-dimensional stranger has a jet hiding somewhere around is... interesting, to say the least. New York is used to all manner of strange, with costumed villains and vigilantes fighting in the streets, but still. A random jet isn't likely to escape notice for long.]
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[He grunts, acknowledging the somewhat obvious. Just because he's a pilot doesn't mean he has his own jet, after all.]

Hope you didn't park it close. This isn't the best neighborhood.
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[He shrugs, the gesture sending a ripple down one robotic tentacle.] You might find yourself outmatched, around here.
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Just a word of friendly warning. [He smiles, but the expression doesn't reach the eyes behind the dark glasses. Not that he has any call to be smug, himself, since he's equally cocky.]
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As opposed to a threat, yes.

[His tone is even, but he resumes his own search, aided now by the metal arms.]