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I made some cupcakes.
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...Are they poisoned?
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...Are you implying I'm going to smear them all over the actuators?
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I don't like to be wasteful. [An actuator claw plucks delicately at a cupcake to deliver to his flesh-and-blood hands.]
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[How anyone could possibly doubt Doc Ock knows what to do with a cupcake is beyond him, but at least this is a break from the fat jokes?]

Not these cupcakes, though? [He assumes they'd be crumbling apart if that were the case. He still pauses with it halfway to his mouth, in case the answer is yes.]
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[And just like that, the cupcake is dropped on the floor.


I'll pass. I don't like venereal disease-flavor frosting.
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There's a mental image I did not need.
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Somebody needs to take your internet access away.
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I'd certainly like to.
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... What?

Never mind. I suspect whatever you're prattling on about isn't worth knowing. And I don't read porn.

[Thank goodness he's never seen the other versions of himself, either. Ultimate would make him jealous and the standard version would make him swear off cupcakes forever.]
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I don't!

[Does Wade really want a broken-brained Otto on his hands? Although explaining the Superior Spiderman arc would definitely do it.]
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... I'm not putting up with this for a cupcake I don't even want.

[He turns away, actuators rustling and writhing around him. One lifts a three-pronged talon, and folds two talons behind the third, bottom one, leaving it jutting up in a gesture at Deadpool. ;D ]
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[The broad shoulders straighten. Deadpool probably doesn't need to see Doc Ock's face to know there's an eyetwitch. You'd think after years of Spiderman's taunting he'd have learned not to let it get to him, but he never really has, and Deadpool is a whole new level of aggravation.

It's probably for the best he didn't eat the cupcake. Sugar and fat, and obviously he doesn't have his blood pressure under good control as it is. The actuators lash out even before the man himself executes an about-face turn, but of course his aim is never improved by him losing his temper.]
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[Cheaters, both of them. The actuators are a lot faster than the man they're attached to, but it's still too slow by comparison.]

You're as bad as that damn bug, prattling on. [Another actuator lashes out at him, with its sibling making a sweeping blow across the space before him just after in the hopes he'll catch him on the landing.]

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