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Look- I'm not here to fight.
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Then what, a friendly heart-to-heart? You'll forgive me if I'm not utterly convinced of that.
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...I'm listening.

[Although his arms probably could reach from here, if he so desired. He's just going to stand where he is, and if Parker wants more space between them he'll have to be the one to move.]
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[One eyebrow rises, and he folds his arms over his broad chest, but of course as static as the pose is, his arms could be attack at the speed of thought.]

I assume you mean recently. He was hardly supportive, in the wake of... disaster. What makes you think I'd have any further dealings with him?
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[It is a long shot, but of course Harry Osborn was the biggest backer for Otto's project, so the contact they had was probably more extensive than Parker's brief glimpse. Of course, he should probably also pay close attention to the fact that Otto has not actually denied seeing Harry recently, just artfully distracted him. Particularly if this thread is happening in the same universe.

Condition. Probably not the best choice of words. The glower returns in full intensity.] My... condition.

Are you referring to my newfound cybernetic symbiosis, or my continued ostracization from society thanks to the reports in the press of how you- [The actuators, stirring at the beginning of this speech, emerge from his coat one by one and each strike the ground around Otto's feet to emphasize his words.] brought down the fusion reactor and saved the city, all on your own?!?

[That his sacrifice, temporary as it's turned out to be, was rendered meaningless by the Bugle's reports that he never tried to make things right in the end at all, is something of a sore point. Also he may not be setting off any spidey-sense yet, but he's definitely working up to a fury.]
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[Before the first fusion reactor accident, Otto Octavius was a large man with a quick temper. Peter may not have known of the whispers in scientific circles about his arrogance, how difficult he could sometimes be to work with, but since the accident his former associates are happy to voice that history. Now, with the metal arms, he's larger-than-life and far more dangerous. As the claws rise from the dents they've made in the cement, they each open halfway, talons poised and clicking softly, red lights watching with open menace. Otto is breathing heavily, arms out loose at his sides now, hands clenched in fists, and head lowered like a bull readying for a charge. Still, he manages to hold onto some sense of reason, and holds his ground.]

I... remember. [The tone is reluctant, and his head gives a brief twitch to the right as if he's distracted briefly, before refocusing on Spiderman.] But you expect me to believe you now? You thought I was dead. Why not hog all the glory?? Why make any effort to amend the libel? A dead man makes a perfect scapegoat. Especially a man who's already been written off as a monster. [Throughout the speech his voice calms, but also grows far too friendly, too mild. It's as much a warning sign as the earlier outburst. He's almost smiling, now, and there's nothing friendly about it.]
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;D Glad to be an enabler?

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[He's right to be wary, and the actuators haven't stopped their restless clicking stares. They're still ready to attack at any instant, and that may be a truer gauge of their host's current mood than his own body language is. He's trying to draw himself up a little, and look calmer.]

Admired me? You sabotaged my project! [Behind the dark glasses, his eyes narrow, but he carefully folds his arms again. His recollection of events just may be a little fuzzy, because to think Spiderman is the whole reason the fusion reactor went out of control is not arrogance, it's just plain confusion. One can only hope his mind hasn't been too badly damaged after multiple electrocutions. He was always a difficult man to work with, but he was also very kind toward Peter, once upon a time, and the warmth between him and his wife was genuine. These things are so easily trampled in the shadow of the supervillain label.]

You don't do it for the public affection. How sweet. It's just an added bonus?
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I always encourage basking in the awesomeness of Alfred Molina.

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[The frown deepens. Implying Otto is stupid about anything isn't really a good way to go, and to be fair he was so buried in his projects for years that he didn't pay much attention to the newspapers. The awestruck adoration of people on the street after the bank robbery made a far stronger impression.]

It was sabotaged. You were there. Unless... [His attention seems to drift to the side again, distracted. An actuator claw tilts toward him slightly in response, watchful, equally distracted from menacing the young man before them. It snaps back to Spiderman when he takes a step, but there's an obvious delay before Otto's brain catches up to the last thing that's been said.]

I'm not likely to get help from anyone, now that I've been labeled a monster. I might be studied, perhaps. Picked apart and dissected for some other scientists to puzzle out the neural interface I created. Or just cut apart, paralyzed, and tossed into prison. [He's sneering, now, but at least he's calmed a little.] You'll forgive me if I don't find any of those options appealing.
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I will confess to being a fan of the actor first...

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You Know NOTHING About Rosie!!! [By the third word, an actuator lashes out at Peter, talons still half-open and ready to catch and grab, but between spider-sense and the fact that the strike doesn't come until after Otto's begun screaming, there's plenty of chance for somebody with the reflexes of Spiderman to get out of the way. The actuators, when they choose to attack, are whip-fast. Dr. Octavius' own reactions are limited to human speeds, and the delay may be telling that it's his own command this time.]

You have no right to even say her name!

[If seeing him lurk in ruined warehouses and tunnels, nursing a grudge over the Bugle's articles is painful, this is possibly worse. At the mention of his wife he's come completely unhinged, voice cracking as he yells and gloved hands in tight fists. The lower actuators have dropped to brace him against the ground, while the upper ones strike out in unison with the motions of his own arms. He's enraged, but he's also broadcasting every blow with his own body language, commanding the actuators rather than being swayed by their influence.]
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XD He is a brave man, to do that scene where the bath plumbing broke.

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Haven't you heard? I'm a monster now!!! [He's snarling, furious, but he's also too angry to fight as smart as he could, and already he's tiring a little. A slightly clumsy punch sends an actuator smashing into the wall, when his intended target turns out to not be between it and the striking claw. Peter's lucky for that, because it's hit hard enough to punch partway in, and he's briefly distracted trying to pull it out again. The other upper actuator, without a command to strike, actually pauses momentarily to stare at Spiderman with that single glowing red light. Even on their own, the actuators have no love for the webslinger, but they do have enough consciousness to realize their host is currently over a cliff he needs to be pulled back from.]
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Headcanon: Otto is not a morning person. Needs coffee.

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[Breathing heavily, Otto actually grips the trapped actuator with both hands to help pull, despite the fact each metal arms alone is far stronger than he could ever be. He's distracted by the sound of debris, and flashes a smug little smirk to see Peter at least got a moment of pain. With a twist, the actuator wrests free and the closed talon gives a little shake, like an animal, to shake off some of the dust.]

...It's too late for me, Parker. I'm not the man I was... [His voice is rough from the earlier disuse, but it's closer to a normal volume level. He's out of breath, slightly drained from the fit of rage, but angry still. Both upper actuators half-open their claws, menacing and clicking quietly as some inner parts shake and rattle. They have no vocal capabilities, but they're learning to make threatening sounds anyway. Otto takes a few plodding steps, lurching and swaying a little as the lower set of actuators walks with him. The months of living on the run have not done him any favors, and he wears down faster in a fight, now.]
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Re: So a first-thing-in-the-morning fight between them would be laughable?

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And whose fault is That??! [Of course it's a rhetorical question, and of course he seems certain the answer is standing in front of him, clad in red and blue. Behind the dark glasses his eyes narrow, and he lurches to a halt, evidently catching his breath. He's found something to wear as a shirt under the coat, which at least covers up the brace and the scarring, but Peter can still see the big man's chest heaving. He's never been athletic, anyway, but he's a little worse for wear after his trip into the Hudson along with is miniature sun. Now probably isn't the time to ask how he survived that.

It's a little pathetic to watch, the middle-aged man panting and staggering along under the weight of metal welded to his back. It's possible he knows that. It's even possible he's hoping that sight will distract Peter so he won't see it coming when the upper two actuators shoot out to arc over him, blocking his escape or at the very least trying to. They're already behind Peter by the time the lower two come straight at him, claws closed into striking clubs.
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S'okay, I took the day off. Usually I get caught up in work. ;)

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[With all four actuators attacking, the impact of the blow sends Dr. Octavius staggering slightly, but for a moment there he's smirking. Having Peter sandwiched between the claws is exactly what he was going for, and the upper two make a grab for him once they can, but neither the actuators nor the man connected top them expected him to recover so fast from having the wind knocked out of him. Damn superhuman reflexes. It's completely unfair.

Then Otto is briefly blinded, flailing a little at the webbing and then pulling off his sunglasses for the sake of expediency. By then Peter is just out of reach, and he has to regain his balance to look up, actuators whirling around him and the lower set planting their claws to support him and themselves again.] All I'm out to accomplish right now is getting rid of you!
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It happens. I find them in mine too.

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[Now that his sunglasses are covered in webbing, Octavius is reluctant to follow Peter out into daylight anyway. The younger man may or may not have noticed that since the fusion accident, Dr. Octavius seems to have some trouble with bright light. Staring into a miniature sun is bad for the eyes.

Down below, the large man paces a short ways, the thud of the actuators supporting him betraying his movements. There's no verbal reply, but one of the upper claws reaches higher, gripping at a beam. Instead of pulling the doctor up after Peter, the aged wood splinters under the claw's grip, weakening the roof under his feet. If he doesn't make his escape now, he just may fall back inside.]
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[This may not have been the sharpest idea Otto has ever had, as some of that debris is coming down on him, too. The upper actuators curl over him, even before his own arms are thrown up to ward off splintered wood and dust. He's not directly under Peter, at least, so the younger man lands a short distance away. The immediate danger does not come from Octavius, as he actually staggers back to get away from the pieces of roof that come in with him. A few coughs in the dust cloud are telling, but realizing what a foolish move it was has at least cleared his head some.

Dr. Octavius is distracted, but if the spider senses are going off, there must be danger yet.

The debris is starting to settle, but the building groans, a fatigued metal I-beam creaking in the aftermath.
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While he lacks Peter's spidey senses, Otto isn't deaf, and he's in no hurry to be crushed by falling beams. As the dust clears enough for him to see, the first squinty glimpse he gets is Spider-man running toward him, albeit in a slightly uncoordinated fashion. He feels less pleasure than he expected to realize he did manage to hurt the boy, but of course he's distracted right now. He also wonders why, if the damn fool was closer to the door already, he would run away from it to get to the man who's brought the ceiling down on both of them in the first place.

Snarling, he waves a flesh-and-blood arm at him without letting go of the bewebbed goggles in his hand. "Then GO! Idiot!" In a moment of exasperation he marvels over the seemingly endless suicidal instincts of the boy who would be Spider-man. Otto himself isn't about to waste time getting out, lower actuators lifting him off his feet and stretching to give him a ten-foot stride that covers the distance between them in seconds. The upper actuators have curled above him already, protective and probably strong enough to catch the beam if it does fall before he gets out.

Now that the blinding rage has passed, Otto is cursing himself for forgetting the plot of slow torments he and Harry have in store for Peter. The boy had better survive this, or they'll never be able to have a proper revenge. It's a twisted kind of logic, and he knows it, but as the actuators sweep him past Peter, he sends an upper actuator reaching for him, and if Spider-man doesn't get out of the way int time, it will only curl around him to carry him off to safety along with Otto.
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Peter has yet to realize just how independently of their host those actuators are capable of functioning. Well beyond anything Octavius anticipated, thanks to a rechargeable battery that can keep them going for a short time even after his own death. Escaping a collapsing building is child's play by comparison, and Octavius is safely out the door before Peter is, assistance or not.

Once outside he keeps moving, away from the dust and debris cloud that's sure to follow, and towards the shadows of the nearest alley. His goggles are still in hand, too gunked with webbing to put back on, and in daylight he's too conspicuous a figure to linger and risk being spotted by the authorities. Spider-man alone, he can just about handle, but a falling building is likely to draw the attention of others. He doesn't seem to even spare a glance to see if Peter's okay, although this is slightly misleading since he doesn't need input from his own eyes to tell that- the actuators feed him information, visual and otherwise, of the webslinger staggering out after him.