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oh CRAP! Get outta the way!!
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[Doc Ock fails at following directions today.] Oof!
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[Doc Ock is nearly 400lbs of very solid man and metal arms, so he doesn't make the best cushion, but he staggers and goes down on one knee, metal arms flailing. It takes him only a matter of seconds to send one of those long metal arms after his 'attacker', a three-taloned claw reaching to grab at the stranger.] Get off me!
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[He's big enough not to have gone down, but he's definitely not happy abut this. The claw bounces off a bubble, and gets distracted grabbing at the bubbles instead. What are these things?! They're bouncy! Another claw rises to reach for Robbie... and also gets distracted by the bubbles. Doc Ock is angry, but the metal arms seem as distracted as housecats, utterly fascinated by these new toys. Only the fact that the lower two arms are supporting him keeps them from joining in.]

What are the odds every spandex-clad super is a blathering idiot? I said get off me! [The lower actuators extend to help him rise quickly to his feet, hoping to shake off his burden that way.]
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Might be better to reserve for just occasional use?

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[Doc Ock whirls around to face the younger man, or at least tries to, but on his own feet he's slow and heavy. He maneuvers much faster on the metal arms, but once he's turned, the lower pair rise to join the upper ones in studying the bubbles. At least Robbie has a ready-made distraction for them?]

You're hardly proving your case. The day I stop painting you all with the same brush will be the day your kind stops doing that to me. [He pauses briefly. It's hard to insult somebody when they're already insulting themselves so well.]
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;D Keep it around for special effects.

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[Dr. Octavius swats irritably at a stray bubble with his own flesh-and-blood arm, and gives the nearest actuator an annoyed glance. Listening to this boy is more aggravating than listening to Spider-man, no small feat, to his mind. The doctor massages his temples briefly, while the actuators begin to slink closer to him guiltily, having been scolded for their distraction.]

Now I believe you're being deliberately obtuse. Stop speaking in tangents. Where you trying to start a fight? [Just to be sure they're on the same page, before he starts trying to pulverize the boy.]
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Ock thinks superheroes are annoying every day. XD

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I don't start fights. I finish them. [The note of menace is clear, but he's dusting himself off, now, and making no aggressive moves. One metal claw begins very slowly to stretch over to look at the lingering bubbles again, trying to be sneaky about it.]

If I see any flying dinosaurs, I'll be sure to let you know. [One eyebrow rises, and his voice drips with skepticism.]
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See, he knew he's always right.

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...Or at least remind them to knock them in a better direction. Like a brick wall. [He gives the actuator that's sneaking towards the bubbles a sharp glance, and it retreats close behind him guiltily.]
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A supervillain's life is full of woe.

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Not for the spectators.
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That's dehumanizing to supervillains. [This does not seem to strike him as one of the more bizarre complaints ever.]
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Hmmnh. Am I included in that category? [He's not sure what he thinks of the label, really. But to be fair, Doc Ock has a little extra padding, even if he doesn't make the best landing cushion.]
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...Have you seen any imposters around? [The glower at the very idea should leave no question.] And that's Doctor Octavius, thank you.
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[Blink. That was one of the stranger analogies he could have chosen.]

... You may consider me the original and only.
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I'm an only child. And I don't expect anyone else is capable of creating another set of actuators like these.
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...My parents are both deceased, thank you.

[Not that he's particularly broken up about this, at the age of fifty-one.]
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Hnnh. I'm surprised that's not a constant, for you.