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Oh - I have something for you.
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It's not Christmas yet...
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It is. Thank you...

You're a very thoughtful person.
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[He undoes the ribbon carefully, evidently intending to save both that and the wrapping paper. They do suit him, after all.]

I didn't know that was the enjoyable part...
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It's beautiful. Very modern...

[It is, in fact, very much like his apartment. Metody has The Shadow's aesthetic down to a T. When he opens the box, one dark eyebrow quirks with amusement. He could protest that he already has a red scarf, several, in fact. None quite like this, though. Lifting it out, he settles it lightly around his neck.]

Thank you. Does it suit me?
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Red is the color of good fortune.
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[The laugh starts low, and rises into shuddering echoes. If ever there was a doubt that The Shadow has reservations about the image he strikes, they should be banished here and now. There is an utter delight, in terrifying criminals, and Metody's joke has struck a chord.]
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...Trouble with auto-correct?

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A can of something, anyway. [He's amused still.]
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What I meant was the Chinese believe red is the color for good luck. But I like your idea better.
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Re: :-)

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White is their color for death.

It's a significant part of the reason, yes. Also it reads as black in poor lighting.
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One man's bad luck may be good for another.
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If I'm 'raining down justice on them', then they are.