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Yeah well fuck you too, mac.
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Does...that mean you don't want a sandwich?
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[Dude. You're mean. :( ]

Well then what do you want?
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[Well, he knew you weren't Rabbit. But Hatchworth forgets a lot of things, and there are also plenty of things he never knew, like whether you can serve horseradish with bat meat and if 'i before e' is supposed to come before or after c.

His assumption is that he should offer fellow robots the professional courtesy of a badger sandwich, whether he knows them or not.

The Spine would be horrified.]

I don't think I would fit in your face.

...Do you know me?

((ooc: Confession, I'm only peripherally familiar with the Becile boys, so I have no idea whether Hatchy should recognize Hare or not, but I figured he's dotty enough that it would be IC for him to be clueless.))
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[Well, so much for professional courtesy! Hatchworth has a sad.

He also has enough common sense to anticipate violence and to move out of range thereof.]
You seem very angry.

[He's leaving though! Totally leaving. Without fucking off; he's not sure how to do that and suspects it shouldn't be done in public.]
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[Hatchworth is a lover, not a fighter.

No, wait, he's not a lover, either. But he's definitely not a fighter, so he'll just step off now. With a raspberry blown in Hare's general direction.

He can move fairly quickly for a big heavy thing made of bronze.]
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[HOSHIT--that did not go according to plan!! He speeds up as best he can, making loud clanking impacts on the sidewalk as he goes, and shedding steam in poofy clouds in his wake.]
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[Fancy shoes are not good for running, though, and Hatchy is somewhat slowed down by his unnecessary insistence one clamping a hand over his hat as he runs. Not like it's going to blow off or anything, but it just seems like the thing to do...

So, Hare is gaining, no question, and while Hatchworth is not especially interested in a fight, it looks like it's inevitable.

Especially when he turns down a blind alley.

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[What was that sudden tall dark shadow with fire at the throat--

Oh look, it's a silver bot that is very much not The Spine looming behind the scrap heap that was chasing Hatchworth--

Oh yeah, that's a glowing green glare directed at the mustached one once he's noticed.]
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no faaaaiiir /whimper

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[Oh good it's the Sp---no, that's definitely NOT the Spine. What the heck?!

Hatchworth has a sinking feeling this is going to be a bad day.]
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You do know me! Who are you? [The question slips out impulsively, because if he's about to get in a fight he would really like to know who he's fighting.

This is probably not going to be like their stage routines at all, is it?]
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[That is a very firm and strangely skeletal metal hand on Hare's shoulder, not letting him go any where at all.]

You'd have an excuse if Locksmith wasn't back home with Jackie boy. [Yeah no, he's still very much glaring at Hatchworth, as if he was at all to blame for anything.

No, that's just his own resentment of any and all Walter bots, even if his was less violent.]

Maybe th' Walter here has somethin' different to your story to tell.
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[Okay, there is information being dropped here, even if none of it is coming directly at Hatchworth. He opens his mouth, closes it again, and takes refuge in smoothing his mustache, as if the run could possibly have mussed it.

Skully, Locksmith, Jackie? Maybe he should recognize these names. Something The Spine told him about? Something maybe kind of important?

At least he now knows he should not try offering sandwiches.]

He was definitely walking! So was I. [He can back up that part of the mean guy's story.] And I am not completely sure what happened after that, but there was swearing involved.
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That so.

[His grip grew tighter on Hare, the soun of metal creaking under sheer voice very likely echoing through that little dead end Hatchworth had run down.

That had Skull's head tilting, cutting the copper bot a side glare that was very much a wordly 'You won't be able to walk out of here if you try again'. He was a far cry from Spine outside of size and a vague likeness in body-type.

So what if he shared a fashion sense.]

Hatchworth, is it? Anything else you might wanna add, 'cause Hare here is actin' skittish. I'd hate to have to question him all about this later.
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Did somebody say backup?

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[They may not hear the faint clanking and hissing, since they're all clanking and hissing a little, but The Spine has a heavy tread.

And he's come looking for a wayward automaton.

When he sees all the steam and smoke coming from the alley mouth, he stops, arms folded, and makes a noise that is his best imitation of throat-clearing.]

...Is there trouble, here?
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Because everyone keeps a titanium robot in their pocket!

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[Oh, good it's the Spine! The actual one, this time!

Unfortunately, the other two bots are between Hatchworth and said Spine, but he feels slightly less threatened now, at least.]

There's no hitting yet! Can there continue to not be hitting?

[He means that for all concerned, for what it's worth.]
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[It's only because of Spine's appearence that Hare even lands a hit, head tilted just from impact and the fact he'd been turning his head to take a look at the Walter at his back--

It's almost fluid how wuickly Hare was driven up against the wall with one hand, bricks cracking from sheer force of impact, black smoke curling from the furnace in his throat as fire licked out from between the grates.

Great, just fucking great. He was hoping to get out of here without much damage to anyone.

Including Hare.]

None till yer ugly mug turned up, Tin Man. WAs seein' if my companion here was about to do more than talk to your... sibling [The word was spit out] here.

He's got a habit of hittin' first.
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...So I noticed. [The Spine stays where he is, arms folded, because that sends a clear message that he's not about to throw a punch himself, but scowling and boiler cranked up a little in case it does come to a fight. But by all means, the Becile bots are welcome to beat each other up. He's not about to interfere with that. Maybe if he's lucky they'll get so busy beating each other up he can just corral Hatchy and leave...]

Hatchworth, come here please.
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[So much for the not-hitting. Now Hatchworth is confused, because it's not like Rabbit and The Spine don't punch each other and occasionally go crashing down the stairs shedding small pieces that have to be reattached later. But the interaction between these two robots does not seem the same.

He edges around Hare and the Skull, leaving a wide berth, but watches as he passes.]

The Spine, are they actually hurting each other? It looks different than when you and Rabbit fight.

[Heck, they're all repairable no matter what. But it's still weird.]
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[Hare was in for it.

Later, once out of this shit that he was going to blame entirely on Hare and his habit of starting shit when he'd rather keep out of it. Hatchworth passes without issue, but Skull watches both Walters from the corner of an eye-socket.

Never letting either of them get out of sight, a wariness to the way he stood, keeping Hare pinned so he couldn't lash out again.]
Keep a better eye on yours, Tin Man.

Thought you were better at keepin' them reigned in. [It was a shot taken at Spine verbally, straightening his posture with a stiffness to huis shoulders, peeling Hare from brick as he hauled the copper knock-off over a shoulder easily enough.

Skull would repair any damage inflicted once they were home.]

We keep The Jack reigned in better than you manage any of them, apparently. [Blowing that dirty coal dust clogged smoke Spine's way as he was already taking the steps needed to get out of that dead end and just walk away.

The Skull resented Walters, resented The Spine even more, but he wasn't looking for a fight.

Just for a certain jackass who was.]
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[With his usual exaggerated tread, The Spine takes a few careful steps backward to let them pass... and puts a hand on Hatchy's shoulder to make sure he does the same. Despite the mirroring gesture, he lifts his chin and the green eyes narrow slightly at The Skull's accusation.]

We're a family. I'm not 'in charge' of them. We look out for each other. It's not the same thing.
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[Hey, Hatchy's not interfering with these crazy, punching, non-sandwich-eating guys ever again! Until he forgets.

He looks genuinely worried about what's going to happen to Hare, though, because he's pretty sure he's outmatched.]

Uh...yeah. What the Spine said! [He is in complete agreement with you, the Spine, even though he's not listening to you at all right now.]
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[If only Skull had lips, Hare might've gotten him to smile at that one. Even if his attitude got him into more trouble than not... Well, when wouldn't Skull be there to drag his ass out of it when he got in over his head?

So he didn't bother to even cut another glance back at the Walter bots, Hare had more or less given a shared sentiment.]

Good for you. [Bitterness there in his tone, drifting off along with that smoke trailing him.

Hare adjusted on his shoulder so he wouldn't slip if he decided to fuss down the road, a hand firmly on his side with that arm secured around him. This was no brother of his, but he'd given up a lot to protect the idiot.

Whatever amount of damage he might have ever influcted on Hare? It was better him than whatever their creator would have done to him back then, and now it was the only way to get the idiot to cut his shit. It wasn't right, nothing was right.

They weren't family, just misfits who were better off sticking;dr]
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[There's a definite uptick in the amount of steam coming from The Spine's vents, and he glowers, but he has the self-restraint his siblings lack, and doesn't retort directly. Instead he watches them go, careful not to look away until he's sure the immediate danger has definitely passed, then gives a sigh of steam and rolls his eyes toward Hatchworth.]

What were you thinking? Don't you remember me warning you to keep away from them?
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[What more is there to say? 'Oopsie'?

Let's just hope he remembers for the future.]