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[On a stepladder, on tip toes...]
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[Hopefully she won't fall off the ladder when the dizzying presence hits her.

The man who's just opening the door stops there, looking so wary there's almost something feral about his stance, gaze roving the place like he's seeking out every escape route, and whoever might be inside. He could just leave, but that would look even more awkward. All he really wanted was to peruse the books, and he wasn't expecting to run into another immortal. This is an unexpected complication.

He doesn't look like much, apart from the way he stands like an animal torn between fight and flight. He's tallish, face nondescript apart from the intense eyes, dressed in a long threadbare coat, t-shirt jeans and faded sneakers.]
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I... was just looking for books... [As soon as the words are out of his mouth he feels like an idiot, but he was just too surprised to come up with anything but the truth.

Up close the stormcloud grey eyes are intense, but he looks as wary as she probably feels, and the raspy, strangely-accented voice actually cracks once. His hands are both exposed, on the door, and after another second's hesitation he comes the rest of the way in, with a slightly sheepish air, and lets it shut.]
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[There's a brief, staring delay- either he's a little slow (unlikely, immortals like that don't last long), or he's just completely thrown by the idea that this could be a totally peaceful encounter.] ...Essays, fiction... poetry? Paperbacks. I'm... on the road a lot.

[He looks slightly sheepish, now. He's just bored and looking for something to read to pass the time. There's so damn much time.]
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[There's a definite hint of French in his accent, in fact, but it's also an unplaceable muddle overall. He's old enough to have traveled so widely his original accent has been lost. He's clever enough to read into the comment, though, giving a slow nod. At least the intensity of his gaze is ramping down a little, but he still seems to be trying to see through her. Unfortunately that's just him, so it's not going to change any time soon. Connor always looks like he's trying to burn holes in whatever he's looking at.]

...It's definitely familiar. [He rubs the back of his neck, slightly awkward. There's plenty of bad memories, there.] But I'm not sure I want to... read about any more wars. Have you got anything about sailing?
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[He's not from around here! He's not from around anywhere specific, anymore. That's where living too long gets you. He follows her up between the bookstore aisles, glancing around warily again, but things seem quiet enough. Maybe it's only the illusion of privacy, but they're both still half talking in code, anyway.]

I'm just... passing through. But... is it... a nice place to live, here? [You know, beaches, decent cost of living, not a lot of strangers threatening to chop off your head on a routine basis?]
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[Looking young forever can have its disadvantages. Connor's lucky to be on the tall side, and the five-o-clock shadow isn't just laziness, it helps age a youthful face.]


[Should he be embarrassed he's living out of his car when it's half by choice? He's not hurting for money, but he doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere, anymore.] I don't... I'm not settled, anywhere... right now...

[He looks awkward anyway.]
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Sometimes lonely is better than risking the people around you getting hurt.

[He didn't really mean for it to come out so blunt, but tact has never been his forte. Leave that to his kinsman... who wishes he'd keep in better contact. The wandering is a newer development, after losing the mortals he loved as family to a rogue immortal who wanted to rig the Game.]