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An autopsy report would be helpful.
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You know it's the same thing it always is. The grin makes it kind of obvious.
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[Bink. New info!] Really? That's unusual. It doesn't match anyone's usual M.O., either.
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o hai doctor pulaski

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Hard to do the autopsies when you get three or four a night, I guess.
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It is, and I love it!

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Any guesses beforehand? Doesn't look like he's been shot or stabbed, and I don't see ligature marks around the neck, so I'm guessing strangulation is out.
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I'll see what I can find.

[Caroline Hill, Med Student shall rise again! In the meantime, Tim Drake, Robin-out-of-costume, hops down from where she was sitting and winces a little when the motion jars something in her ankle.]
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[The subject of said autopsy is trying to quietly put all his insides back where they belong and leave before anyone notices he regained a pulse]
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[There, that ought to do it. Wade trashes the room looking for his suit before realizing... they... probably have his suit somewhere else.

... W E L P.

Okay he's just going to use this sheet as a toga and try to nonchalantly walk out. If that doesn't work he'll do his best zombie impression.