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As time passes, you remember less.
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I'm afraid so, yes.
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The worst memories fade last.

Oh dear. That's... mm. I'm meant to have something more reassuring to say. I'm sorry.
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...I still remember some good things, too.
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...I'm not sure I'm a good person to help with that.
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*sigh* Because I'm old? Perhaps... I'm just sorry I've never been good at being... comforting.
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I just don't want to make you feel worse. I seem to have such an uncanny knack for saying the wrong thing, sometimes.

But I'm glad if I do help, somehow.
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...Did I say that? [It's actually the sort of thing he's told students, in the distant past, albeit with slightly more tactful wording.]
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Ah. Well. I have done, before, but he pointed out that was rather hypocritical of me.
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I'm more of a cat person, but yes. I suppose I can at that. I'm reasonably good with the internet, even.
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All right.

...What kind of a dog would I be?
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I'd heard Irish setters aren't very bright...
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You seem like more of a terrier. They're persistent. Feisty.

...But yes. You've definitely got more than one.
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There are... largish terriers...
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...But I'm sure if you were a cat, you'd be a calico.
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Of course not. Are calico cats inherently temperamental?

That said, you probably would be a biter. But that's nothing to do with breed.
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I've never had a calico, that I can recall, so I couldn't say.

Well, that's all right. Smoke has bitten me before.