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Technically...I am on both sides.
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Only cowards hide behind neutrality.
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Yours is a strength that could end the war.

[He doesn't budge from where he stands, his own arms crossed, stern and uncompromising.]
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No, you will instead cower on the sidelines as your friends fight and perhaps even kill one other. All because you have been running for so long you have forgotten what it means to stand and be a man.

[He doesn't even try to hide his contempt now.]
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You have the power to save your friends.

[His tone is incredulous, as though unable to believe he is even having to explain this.]

You are the strongest among them. That bestows upon you a responsibility, regardless of whether you choose to accept it.

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Waiting to see who comes out on top?
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On their own? Or are you planning to mediate?
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Yes, letting your companions kill each other off is much smarter. Less work for when you do get involved.

[She's probably being sarcastic. Mostly.]
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You are entirely too trusting.

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Nope. Sorry. Not an option.
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You know better than anyone why this is important.
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[ Says the guy who was the first to split.]

I'm not the one who threw the first punch.
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[ Sure it was Wanda and not Natasha? ]

What matters is that we do the right thing with the abilities we have. [ He's tired of justifying this. He's tired of fighting.] Stay out of it if you need to, but don't kid yourself about being able to walk the line.