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Hiking to get away from things...
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Their relationship is so fucked up. Not that it's a great surprise LOL

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Join the club. *Oh look who it is.* I think you're trespassing, James my lad. I'm not too fond of trespassers, although for you I might make an exception.

I know you're rather upset with me, though. Would you rather I leave, hmm?
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Yeah, I bet.

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To be fair, I've taken most of the traps out. Otherwise you'd likely be hanging from a tree by one foot, like in all the cartoons.

If you want me to lead you out I can.
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Ives is trying not to be remorseful, I think

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Ahh, you still want me to destroy what sanity I have left. *He tsks.* Do you have any idea how many things you want me to regret? How much work I've put into not regretting anything? How much my nature changes how I think, for that matter? My mind changed fast. A few weeks changed me from a priest to this, after all. I don't want remorse and I don't know how much of it I'm capable of it anyway. Probably because I've been avoiding it, admittedly.

You can hate me if you like, but I was doing less damage with you around and what little is left of F. W. Colqhoun did like that.
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Farewell, my friend. I'm sorry I can't be what you want me to be.

*He shrugs and goes back to his walk. He considers whether he should go back to being a hunter as he goes, but doesn't come to a conclusion.*
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*Eventually Ives will decide to split the difference. Hunting is nice, but the morgue was awfully convenient.

*He still hopes for James to find some way of coping, but if not? Well, people who don't like him despite his faults have never been good for him.*
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So you are doing this for fun?

[ Sagira will never understand humans ]
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Thank you email for hiding this one from me... grr.

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I don't fit in with Them. [ She means other people.]

Don't really fit in out here either. Too human for this world, to animal for the other.
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Re: I hate when that happens

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You aren't from this area are you? Usually I say that and I get a gun aimed at me. They seem to think I'm one of the dangerous things out here. [ She shakes her head. ] Pre packaged food makes me sick actually. But thank you. [ She sits down, and there's a flash in her eyes of something animal, but not dangerous.]

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[ She paused a moment, but accepted the orange since she did like fruit, not as much as hunting, but the human part of her needed more than just meat to eat.]

Thank you. [She peeled it carefully, trying to get it all in one piece. She giggled.] I haven't really been there yet. Well not longer than two hours in the airport. Learned then that I hate flying, Don't care much for boats either, prefer my feet to be on solid ground.

Even on the night, I change, I'm not that dangerous. Unless you happen to be a rabbit. But I do know there are Lycans around here too. Which makes it harder for me when there are hunters about.
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I don't change on the full moon. On the new moon... [ She bit her lip a moment. ] And I am no wolf. Though, this place? They wouldn't, have problems with foxes?
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Dam it... I really need to remake my John account he's loud!

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[ She pauses a moment.] I have heard of that place before. I, I wasn't sure if it would be safe, the man that told me of it was a little scary, seemed to have his own ambitions for it. Though I think he was hoping that I would be a spy for him. He gave the feel of someone who wished ill of others.

Though from you, I don't get that feeling.
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Yeah I have a friend with a helen too that's wanting him or Will.

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((It's a beautiful messed up relationship though. XD))

[ She giggled. ] I'm not that innocent. But I am also about as dangerous as most of the smaller creatures here. [ She held out her hand.] I'm Sagira.
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XD I have Will here, but no icons... I should fix that.

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(See just helping me decide to mainline Sanctuary again so that I can bring him back over here. I haven't played him in years. Nor Will.)

[ She gives a slight curtsey, after all, that's what girls are supposed to do right? It's been a while since she has been in proper company. The man that protected her before, had been high society, though not tied to the Sanctuary.]

I, I think I'd like to see this place... I can't promise I'll stay, if it doesn't feel safe to me I'll leave, but I could give it a try.
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XD I'd rather throw Druitt. I don't ship Will and Helen.

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(So true!)

"I travel better in this form. The other, well usually that involves being put in a box. I hate cages." She admitted. She grinned. "If you want, I can play tour guide first. I just won't go into the town, but there are many places on the outskirts that people seem to like."
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August isn't entirely sure a brief rural detour in his attempt to avoid becoming Holmesian collateral damage again technically counts as "hiking," but it definitely counts as "getting away from things," so there you go.
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"People tend to believe I'm dead."

For the very simple reason that he's faked his death. Twice. Admittedly, he's not terribly good at actually staying out of things, but considering how terribly his last attempt to get involved ended, he's trying to keep a low profile. For now.
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"None whatsoever. In fact, they're probably completely different people."

[Oh, August, the last thing you need right now is another Holmes or Watson finding you pretty.]
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He shrugs.

"I'm here and my siblings aren't. That's a plus, I suppose. And the weather is decent."