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[leaning against a wall, watching] Almost.
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[Quirks a brow at him slightly.] Almost?
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Nick.. [Her expression got harder as she sent him a look. But in the end she looked away and held her hands up in surrender.] Fine.. Try not to get yourself killed... [Sometimes... she hated not being able to do more than deal with the aftermath.]
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[Watching him quietly a moment longer, she considered a few things to say before she finally shook her head.] There's nothing I can do? [So maybe she wasn't one to give up.]
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[Looking down, she had that proper look of being chastised and closed her eyes for a moment. The last thing she wanted was to upset him. It just... came with the worry. Tipping her head into the kiss, she nodded once.

Finally lifting a slight smile to him, she nodded again.]
All right. Hurry home. [Before she said something else to upset him. Waiting for him to back away, she put the car in gear... Waving to him slightly, she pulled away to head back and try not to think about it. After all, that's what she'd always done... whether doctoring soldiers or the man she was crazy about now.]