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[She throws Moo at your head]
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[Deftly catches the tossed toy and sits it aside near him. He’s taking his two hours with her, by going to the park. They are sitting at a park bench eating fries.]

Naughty. We don’t throw things at anyone.
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[Mac isn't much into the fries either and tosses the half eaten one he's been poking at back into the container. Like her, he's still edgy after what he's been through to go get her and keeps her in full view of him. And keeps himself in full view of everything around him.]

Al's not here.
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[His standard response to her 'why's.

Picking up the toy cow she had tossed at him, Mac moved around to where she sat and sat next to her to give her the toy back.]
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[He straighened her jacket and smoothed back her hair. Searching through the baby bag Eban gave him, he found a baby wipe and began cleaning her face.

Mac knew better than to get into her questions of 'why'.]

Does Moo need their face cleaned too?
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[Cleaning up the park bench table, he packed the rubbish away and took up the baby bag when she got off the bench.

Taking her hand, arched an eyebrow.]

Where are we going?
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[Pulling her back, Mac picked her up and sat her on the tabletop of the park bench so they now were eye level.]

Baby, Al will come to you when he’s ready.
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When we go back to grandpa and grandma, grandpa can ring Al for you and ask him to come visit you.

Then you can see Al.
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I’ll take you back to grandpa and grandma.
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[Mac takes her into his arms.]

Izzy, we love you, we both do. Sometimes ---sometimes, grown ups just can’t be together.
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Yeah, baby, we're silly. I want a lot of things too, but we can't have everything.
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I feel the same way.
[Mac holds her against him, soothing, trying to calm her.]

How about we go home to grandpa, he’d like to see you.
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[He knows she’s heading into a full, down on the ground, kicking, screaming tantrum. And frankly he’d likely join her if she did.]

Alright baby, call out for Al. Really call for him. Right now.
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[Mac thinks about Al. Willing him to be there for Bella. He thinks about the last moments he had together with Al, and how it felt right. He does it in the same way Bella screams Al’s name out. Like they are both dying. If Al doesn’t show, then Mac knows they’re on their own.

And he’s going to hate having to explain that to Bella.]
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[He can’t help but look as hurt as she does at the no showing of Al. Mac remains quiet for a few moments not trusting his voice to not sound emotional.]

Al hears us. He always will.
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[Looking like he'd slept in his clothes, a very unkempt Al quietly walked out of the tree line, a cigarette in his mouth. He noticed Moo on the floor and picked him up]

I know Moo likes grass [his voice was gruff from days of chain smoking] but I don't think he can eat all of this.
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[He’s not quick enough to mask the look of hurt in his eyes, but it is replaced by a show of relief.]

You showed.
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[He couldn't help but smile as the child squealed and reached out for Moo, hugging it and snuggling against Mac, but still looking at him. Sniffing as she smiled]

Uh, yeah. I had to get dressed. Didn't think turning up in my boxers would be a good idea.
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[Mac held Bella against him, whispering against her ear, telling her how he knew Al would show. That’s his story and he’s sticking by it.]


Bella misses you.
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Bella did huh?

[He moved closer and reached out to run his hand over her blonde hair, watching her for a moment before looking up at Mac. Finishing his cigarette he stubbed it out and tossed it in the trash]

She's not the only one missing people.
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I’m not making a choice, Al.

[Mac didn’t want to get into talk about them. He shifted Bella in his arms to see if she would go to Al.]

You should spend some time with her.
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You already made your choice.

[His voice was soft and he looked down at Bella and smiled at her a little]

I gotta sort myself out first.
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I'm not going to discuss us in front of Bella.

[Lifts Bella and places her in Al's arms.] You can sort yourself out later, our daughter needs you, now.
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[There was no them, Albert knew this because Mac wouldn't ever just want him in his life that way. In fact it wasn't something he wanted to think about. The two of them together and him on his own.] There's nothing to discuss, you made your choice.

He took Bella and let out a breath, closing his eyes as she snuggled against him] Then I'll be no use to her.

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Don't go there with me on that, Al. Just don't. And, I don't want to hear anything more about anyone's special feelings, as if they were the only feelings in this equation.

You got what you wanted, so have it. The only thing that matters right now is our baby, I can make the effort to be there for her, so can you. If you can't then she stays with your folks and I'll stay away. She doesn't need this in her life.

I'm done with this, you take her home to Eban and Alba. Remind her you actually do care about something.

[Breathes out and holds himself from fully giving an f-bomb outburst. Leans into Bella and gives her forehead a light kiss.]

We're not mad at you baby, okay. Daddy'll see you tomorrow, be a good girl for grandpa and grandma.

[Giving Al the baby bag, Mac turned around and stalked off leaving them alone.]
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I don't fucking have what I want. [He almost hissed the words.]

And what, she gets either of us or none of us. You know what? Not everyone needs to people in their lives, unlike you!

[When Bella started to cry, Albert knew just how she felt. There was nothing worse than the feeling of loving someone and not being enough for them, knowing that no matter how much Fia apparently loved him, he wasn't enough. Holding Bella close to him he started to walk in the other direction. Hating the fact she was crying]