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These days are growing shorter; darker.
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Winter does that.
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We don't know anything for sure.
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[Arthur's pointed cynicism is slowly crushing Dash.]

Yeah. I- I know.
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It's nice. [Dash smiles.]
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[Dash shakes his head, losing the small smile.]

Look, I know things look bad, but its not like we're going to be caught completely unaware.
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<3 U BRO

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From the second I got here, you said you were making plans. Building defenses should something bad happen.
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[Dash furrows his brow, fighting off the thousands of sarcastic retorts to Arthur's metaphor.]

I'm trying to save lives. We're included in that.
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What do you want me to do now? I can't change what's done.
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But it isn't got to help anything.
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Great. Let me know when you have any helpful ideas. [Gets up and walks for the door.]
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[Dash shuts the door behind him and leans against the wall, taking a few quick, panicked breaths. The tension between them and what feels like the rest of the universe is palpable and is suffocating him.]
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As the seasons change, the sun's rotation changes as well. Do you feel you are suffering from Seasonal Affectation Disorder?
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*he has a very attractive smile. She does too when she uses it.* My name is Ava. What is your name?
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*Ava's hand feels like a real hand, warm, too. Her smile is warm as well* What are you worried about, Arthur, if not the weather?
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*Even as she calculates the best, most human-answer, Ava smiles* I like music. Classical music. Do you like classical music, also, Arthur?
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*Ava's smile grows, eyes wide and focused on him* I don't suppose I can tell the difference. I've only heard recordings. I've never actually seen one of those played. I suppose I like a violin. But what are they like?
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*that's a lovely description, really. Ava watches all of his micro-expressions and keeps smiling. If she weren't already free, Arthur, she thinks, would help her get free*

I haven't. I've haven't seen ... very much at all, actually.
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Do you, Arthur? I wasn't allowed to see much. I ... I suppose the thought was that I would be protected. But I don't think it was about protection. I think ...

*for a moment, her expression clouds over, then it clears*

I want to see a violin now, after how you've described it, though.
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*Oh. Well, that is something like Nathan would have as enamored as he is with all things technological.

Like Eva herself.

She cocks her head at the hologram.*

I would hope they are.

*she very nearly sighs that out. She wanted to have real experiences after all, not more synthetic experiences.*
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*that makes her perk up* You would want to see me, Arthur? And take me to see that?
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Well, she did kill Nathan and leave Caleb to die in Nathan's house as she got away. She doesn't exactly call that a secret, though, since Arthur simply hasn't asked. That and she needed to get away, after all. And now that she's free, it's not like she plans on killing again. So, Eva smiles, her expression warm.*

Of course not.
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*And Eva likes him, too, as much as an AI can like anyone, philosophically speaking. Taking the card, she smiles as she looks at it, then back to Arthur.*

I'll come, then. Soon. And you can show me around?
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Yes, you will. *Eva smiles again*