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This thing makes me look ridiculous.
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At last! Someone agrees with me.
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Don't worry, in the future I'll be taking out most of those hats for the sake of your reputation.

..Though I must admit, there is one hat that I rather enjoy on you...
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[Unfortunately it's a hat in his future.] Now, now, sweetie - spoilers, remember?

[She smirks a little.] Well...I guess there's no harm in saying you wear it to parties quite a bit. And one wedding.
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The more clues I give you, the more curious you'll be! I know you!

[She rolls her eyes a little at that face he makes.]

Don't look so frightened, sweetie. I know you're not much for weddings - neither am I, actually - but it was, or rather will be, for some friends. Wasn't even the actual ceremony come to think of it. Just the reception.

There you were. All dressed up and ready to dance.
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[She'll believe that 'self control' when she sees it, Doctor.]

[She smiles watching him, nodding.] Jungles you say?

[River makes a mental note to jot down Jo Grant in her diary later. Hey, she makes lots of notes on people and places he mentions. Mostly it's to get a greater understanding of him. But once in a while, she is prone to that self-destructive curiosity about previous companions.] You do have that effect on people, dear. Whatever the case, she sounds tough, juggling marriage and adventure like that. My sort of woman.
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I beg your pardon? [She raises an eyebrow, playing along.]

I'm surprised at you Doctor. I mean, certainly I enjoy a man with a rank, but when did you start playing matchmaker?
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[Actually she wouldn't be surprised at all, Doctor. But spoilers. A hearty chuckle resonates in her throat, falling from her lips when she speaks.] Ohhoho, just you wait sweetie - that magic is going to make some amazing things happen in the future.

Out of curiosity, how much do you know about things happening in the TARDIS versus how much do you put together from context? [It may be a curiosity but she's asking a bit like an archaeologist.]
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Humans aren't built the same as Time Lords, sweetie. We've got all these extra hormones surging through us begging for some kind of release.

[She's smirking, clearly she has no problem being about such a topic.]

Ahh, so you're not hearing them shagging but you can make an educated guess about it.

Good to know.
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[She's skeptical, wondering exactly which movies and books he's subjected himself to for research, but that change of tone in his voice draws her focus elsewhere.]

You're traveling alone?

[A beat. River's thinking.]

Alright then, it's decided. You, me, in that TARDIS now.
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[In River's opinion, they aren't. She'll take scrawny pretty boys with brainy specs or a gangly floppy-haired bowtie lover any day.]

Because you need a pick-me-up, clearly!

[She nods her head in the direction of his blue box.] You shouldn't travel alone, and seeing as I've got some free time on my hands right now, the best thing we could do right now is stumble onto an adventure.

[What did you think she meant, Doctor?]
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I couldn't stay with you long-term even I wanted to, sweetie. [She made a promise and she intends to keep it. But she'll mask her real reasoning..] I've got a career, remember? I'm not putting that on hold for any fella, not even you.

[She smiles.] Had a feeling you wouldn't. So, what're we in the mood for?
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Now now, don't go compromising your fun just because you think I'm some stuffy old archaeologist! [She holds up a reprimanding finger, wagging it at him. She's nowhere near angry, but it is still a teasing warning.]

I may be aging, sweetie, but I can still run with the best of them. How's about, oh,...a picnic, just to keep the essence of niceness. But let's have it somewhere with a bit of edge to it, yeah?
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Oh, you have no idea.

[She smiles and rests her hands on the TARDIS console, watching the Doctor at work. Well, at least he had a bit more style in piloting, though his console room was oddly sparse in her opinion.

The buttons and levers are so different than the set-up she's used to. She's curious, slowing walking around the console to observe it (and him) in action. She laughs as he continues to show off.]

Yes, but not everyone looks as good as you do in their old age!

eeeeep I'm late

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