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[Staring at you. Intently.


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Good morning, citizen.

[His visor tilts down slightly. Alex doesn't seem to care if Castiel is within his personal space. It would've bothered the old Alex Murphy way back when, the whole having a stranger right in his space thing, this guy who seems to have no idea what blinking is]
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Shiny? [Alex's voice has a distinct electronic double-tone to it. He'd almost, almost sound amused if it wasn't for that flat line his mouth is pressed into. (Don't worry: it's his neutral face. It's also his "your have two seconds to comply" and "you require immediate pacification" faces.

It's multi-purpose like that.

You don't register as inebriated. [Alex would've been able to pick up on that, even if Castiel wasn't so close he would've probably gotten decked in the face if he tried this with anyone else. The stubble on Castiel and the rumpled clothes seem to indicate "transient". Substance abuse is common with transients, after all] The RC-2000 program has been in place for weeks, now. It's not new.
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[Alex is currently thinking Castiel is guilty of possession - and influence - of some unknown substance. As substance abuse goes, though, Castiel's one of the more polite offenders he's ever met: no pleading about the stash, no "b-but Officer", no running or trying to throw punches. Nothing aside from some intense staring that could start fights in the wrong neighborhood and philosophical debates.

Tasing probably won't be necessary. Alex keeps his pistol holstered, staring down at Castiel

In other words, you have the one life to live. [Alex sounds like he's just repeating something word for word, like a recording]