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[laying out on grass, eyes closed]
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Not a good idea, man.
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Nobody important.

Nice trick. ...I do hope you're not planning to knife me. That would be bad for your health.
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[Seated on a bench nearby, reading. Or probably writing something in a journal. Probably both.]
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hey darling!

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Someone fantastic, I hope. [Still writing. But now she's smiling just a bit.]
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[Veering off the sidewalk, Rachel walked through the grass, stopping to send a text to Nick. She didn't realize she was mere inches from where he was relaxing.]

Hey baby, where are you?
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[She turned to go sit on a bench a few feet away. It was easier to text and she wouldn't be bumping into anybody.]

It was too nice to stay in. I'm in the park. Are you close?
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[She was so used to her hair that brushing it out of her way or tucking it behind her ear was like breathing. It just happened. While she waited for him to text back, she glanced around at the other people in the park, doing their own thing. She felt her phone buzz in her hand and read the text, smiling.]

Ok, can you find me?

[She looked around for him, thinking maybe he was closer than she thought but she didn't see him anywhere.]
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[She read those words and they made her smile. It reminded her of when he'd have to leave her for days at a time but always came back to her.]

I'll be right here waiting.

[As promised, she didn't move until she heard his voice and she leaned her head back, looking at him upside down.] Hey. How did you know just where I was in the park? Lucky guess?