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[Lurking in the shadows, watching people.]
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[Zack hasn't spoken since The Incident. The Incident at The House. Since Her. The End.

These are just a few of the euphemisms Eph has been trying on for size as a stand in for "I shot my undead wife". None of them are doing the job. Even thinking about it indirectly is like brushing up against a hot coal. He can't stop.

Fet's place does have food, as promised, but no milk, and more liquor, and fuck it: while the everyone else had holed up inside the rat catcher's lair, Eph had secretly liberated a bottle and slipped outside. And maybe the rest of them had decided he needed some time to himself, or maybe they just don't care if he gets eaten, but no one had stopped him.

Was it the best choice of action? No, certainly not, but since when does Eph choose wisely (not lately; not lately at all). Was it just a little bit suicidal? Maybe.

Possibly intentionally so.]
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[He whirls around at the sound...that isn't sound at all. It's an invasive, disorienting feeling. And it's not Kelly, which is the most important thing.

It's not the German, either: no accent. It's not the Master: Eph will never forget the sound of his voice in his head, freezing him in place and then his feet dangling in the air as his world-view was utterly shattered. Eph is a man who has been places and done things; knows things average people do not, and don't even know they don't know. He had no idea that this was even a remote possibility.

The world doesn't spin as Eph spins. If nothing else, Eph is at least very, very functional. He isn't even unarmed: he has no sword, and no gun, but there is a silver dagger in the pocket of his coat. It's not optimal, but it's better than nothing. His eyes fall on the rock star, and his nose wrinkles in a disgust that is not all that far off from his reaction to an entirely human Bolivar.]

What the hell is this?

[Communication from anything other than the Master or the German is new, and not entirely welcome.]
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[All of Eph's friends are right here, in this bottle still clutched in his left hand. And also a little bit in his liver.

That isn't true. He cares about them, of course, all of them. Even Dutch. Eph is just a man who, owing to a not particularly happy childhood spent, among other things, being used as a pawn in his parents' divorce, and professional necessity when working with people who are suffering if not dying on a daily basis, has spent his life building emotionally stunting walls around himself. He has always assumed everyone else does the same, and that they just have more patience for pretending than he does. Or else that they find more enjoyment in manipulation. Genius though he may be, Eph has never cared for chess: Eph likes baseball.

He takes a step back, but only one, and then there's a wall behind him. He fishes his dagger out; lets the light glint off the silver blade. He may smell like whiskey, but his hands are steady.]

Is that the best threat you can come up with? Because they would.

[They've all definitely proven that. They would not hesitate. Only Eph has hesitated.

It's not entirely innocuous, though, as threats go. Beyond the natural fear of death, a part of Eph is also aware that his perpetually hidden feelings run deep and strong and arguably a little to the obsessive; seemingly more so than some of the already infected. If turned, Eph would truly be a terrifying thing to be reckoned with to all who know him. He gestures with his dagger.]

And I've killed you things with less than this.
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[That's good. They're easier to deal with, the less human they seem.]

Jim knew what was happening to him. They would know.

[The old man carries silver-backed mirrors for just such an occasion. They still have a UV light or two stashed in the bread truck as well. They'd see the worms, and that would be it. There would be no point in asking them to hold off; to see if there's anything that can be learned from the change from the inside. It would only hurt Zack in the end.

He punctuates his next statement with a wave of his knife; a little slice at the air. He's quick and accurate with it. (From his surgical training.) He was good with the gun too. (Formative years spent at video game arcades working controllers shaped like actual guns, not the wireless weightless things Zack knows.) He even swung the sword better than fine. (A sword isn't so far off from a baseball bat.)]

And you know who we hunt.
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Maybe we're counting on it.

[He doesn't know if they actually are. He doesn't know if they're counting on anything anymore. He doesn't know if anyone else knows.

Eph doesn't know. He just doesn't know.]

If you wanna scare me, maybe you should threaten to force me to listen to one of your albums.
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[The despair bubbles up inside him first, but it turns to anger quickly enough: white hot and heart pounding. It's a welcome change.]

You shut your mouth!

[He hurls the bottle of whiskey at the pavement at the vampire's feet, where it shatters spectacularly. It's initially satisfying, and then regrettable. A waste of not good liquor, but of any liquor at all.]
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[No, Eph does not want to bet on that. Eph wants to sink to his knees and scream until his voice is gone, sob until his eyes are dry. Or drink until he can't feel anything. His eyes dart between Bolivar and the worms inching their way through the remains of his whiskey.

Lucky worms.

Eph takes a brave, stupid step forward.]

There is no her. She's gone. You're all gone. You're all just puppets being controlled by a disease. And we're gonna cut the strings.
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[And that is, oddly enough, exactly what Eph wanted to hear. Or who to hear it from. Because it means he's right. Because it means they are a threat. They have hurt it. It feels good.

Before this little "meeting" he had felt defeated, beaten down: broken. Now the fight is back in him. It pounds in his ears; in his chest. It rushes through his veins.]

Keep thinking that.
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[Eph just manages to dodge away from it. He slashes in front of him with the dagger, but it's more defensive than offensive: he moves it in quick, wide swipes to deter the vampire as he moves backwards. He almost stumbles over a trashcan, but manages instead to hurl it at his attacker.

The fight is back, but so is the flight instinct; the will to live.]
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[Eph seems to be of the opinion that what Bolivar needs is another trash can. Some sort of commentary on the state of popular music, possibly? This one rolls at the vampire. Bowling for vampires. Eph hangs onto the lid like it's a shield. If only it were metal, but, alas, this is Brooklyn and these cans are Rubbermaid. They may even be artisinal. Eph is just lucky this building doesn't compost exclusively.

He's really regretting his lack of sword right now.]
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[It's terrible: one more death Eph is responsible for. And one more link in the chain of infection as well.

But it's also a chance. It's already too late for the man. There is nothing anyone can do for him. Eph has already failed him completely (good job, hero), and the choice he faces now is to remain, and fail everyone else, or to allow the man's death to do some good.

Eph chooses Eph. It's not a difficult choice at all.

And he's gone.]