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 I gotta get my shit together.
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"And fast. Cause Mr. Softee doesn't wait for anyone and I can hear the truck coming. Come on. Move your ass." (She remembers that Oni seemed sorta rough around the edges.) "Move your ass, pretty please." Ezera is nearly running in place. "Come on, come on, come on!"
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Ces't moi!

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Turns out, the "gypsy" is also a little cheater cause Izzy bolts down the stairs, taking two at a time, while Oni is still talking. She throws a "beep, beep!" over her shoulder, pretty sure the Roadrunner would be pleased with the little dust cloud at her feet. "Waaaaait!" She wails, throwing herself at the screen door before it literally bounces her back. Ow. "What asscrack locks their door?!"
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"Sprinkles!" She yelps out. "Colorful ones." With Oni's help she makes it out the door without tripping over her billowy rag-tag of a skirt. And, really, she can't help it. She grabs Oni's hand and pulls them along (though mind you, she's the one probably being pulled along and holding on for dear life).

"Leave no woman behind! Hey, you, KID, STOP that TRUCK." And the little kid looks kinda bewildered, wide eyed, watching two grown woman sprint toward him as he's glomping down on his swirly goodness as clouds of exhaust putt-putt into the air as the truck tries to high tail it outta there.

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Ezera's black raccoon lined eyes are wider than the boys. "What? What's happening? Whaaaat?" She whooped out in surprise and laughed, groaning to catch her breath as the little kid tried to pull out his iPhone with one sticky hand. Welcome to the wonderful world of Youtube.

"Oni. Oni! You're going to shake my ovaries out!" Jezzzuz. "No, wait! Keep going. I think you're gaining on him." Well, hell. This situation wasn't going to get any less awkward so Izzy cupped her mouth with her hands and made police siren noises. "Pull over to the side of the road! Pull over to the--" Ok. This really wasn't working.
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"Brake! Brake!" she yells back instead, hiding her face in her hands as she expects to eat a UPS truck passing in front of them. "AH! Imagonnadie." Her voice is a muffled whimper as she peeks out between her hands to see that they were still in two glorious pieces. The Mister Softee truck was also stopped at a light a few streets down. And then, that magical tune started to play as he turned into another residential block. And a dead end.

It was like finding the holy grail and Ezera gasped slowly. "We've got the bastard cornered." she said in awe.
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Ezera grinned like mad. The scene of her fly tackling the ice cream man as Oni raided the truck was momentarily appealing. For a moment she honestly considered it. It's not that she wouldn't pull off such silly antics but, she didn't want to lie.
"It's in my boobs." She replied over the trucks musical chimes as if it was the most reasonable response. As they sprinted, she swatted Oni playfully and ran faster. "How are you not outta breath?!" That girl could run. Holy hell. Finally, she stopped at the rim of the trucks window, craftily pushing away the pre-teens there with her hip.

"Bar tender!" She said, slapping the window counter. "Oh, wait." She pulled her shirt away so that she could look down it. "Yep!" she replied reassuringly to Oni. "They're still there." The money.

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When your primary occupation consisted of swinging your hips, you learned the hard way that carrying wallets was like making a donation to the concrete streets. Purses were bulky and she hated feeling weighed down. Her bras though--miraculous things.

The icecream man came up to the window, took a look at the two woman and grinned, clearly amused. "Um. Hello! What can I get you girls." Which girls was he referring to? Because Izzy had reached down her shirt and pulled out one of those thin, tiny waterproof (you learn the hard way) pockets that outdoors people use when they go into the water. "Ta-da!" It was clear she was pretty damn proud of herself.

"Like pulling a rabbit outta a hat!" The man said. "What can I get you?"

"Vanilla swirl, dipped in chocolate and with sprinkles--lots of them. Colorful ones. And she''ll have-"
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"Coming right up." He said.
Izzy lightly bounced on her heels and excitedly squeezed Oni's shoulder. "Oooooo, he has them." She was thrilled. Otherwise it'd be like watching a non-morning person be told that there was no more coffee in the world. Ugly.

The man laughed as he handed Oni her Great White and nodded before turning around to make a vanilla cone. Looking over his shoulder, he joked, "I just put one frozen juice bar under one arm and another under the other." The kids in the line whispered 'ew'. He heard and said loudly, "hope no likes Lemon Juice Bars!"

Ezera was still smiling widely at Oni's reference to the "devils rectum" when he turned around, dunked her ice cream in chocolate and then covered the whole thing with sprinkles.

"There you go." Wide eyed, she took the cone as if it was a magic talisman and whispered, "take my money. All of it."
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Greg, the ice cream truck guy, laughed. He was a good-natured sort of guy who always wanted to have his own ice cream parlor. That artisanal type of stuff that sold for almost $10 per serving in places like Brooklyn. One day maybe.

Ezera was shaking out the dollar bills out of the super mini purse while struggling to hold the ice cream cone at the same time. Greg readied himself with some napkins for her. These attempts always got messy.

"There you go!" She said, finally dropping the money in his hand and moving to let the others get their treats. Turning to Oni, she nodded. "So worth it."

Cracking through the chocolate layer she took healthy dose of vanilla in her mouth and swallowed it. "Man," she started, her mouth numb now, "what we do for ice cream." Izzy had to lick around the cone so that the vanilla coming down the side didn't get her hand sticky. Her brow lifted though when she looked at Oni's. "Er, you want another one? You inhaled that!"

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"It's hot and humid like balls today." She agreed still licking her ice cream. This time she was polite to wait for the line to move on before stepping to the window.

"Hey there stranger. Long time, no see. You've changed!" She said with a grin. Izzy turned back to Oni. "Did you say you wanted the same thing?" Greg put his hands on the counter and looked between them, waiting. When Oni responded, Ezera nodded emphatically and said, "give the woman what she wants!" Greg shook his head at those two and vanished to fish out the ice cream from the cooler.

"It's really bad out there today, huh?" He said. "Know what? Hold on." He disappeared a bit further back and then came back with two waters and two lollipops.

"On the house."

Izzy's mouth dropped open a bit. "Awwww, you are the sweetest most awesome man-that's-not-my-father, goddess rest his soul, that I ever met!" Ok, maybe a stretch, but it was a really decent thing to do. "Isn't he Oni? He is."

He turned red-ish and was slightly embarrassed.

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"That was the most beautiful PG-13 kiss ever!" Ezera paused. "Wait, don't I get one?" She teased while cracking open her water.

"Hey, buddy. Are you alright? You're like blushing bright red. Oh gosh, just when I thought that it couldn't get much worse. It's like watching red Christmas lights come on. Oh, goodness! Now it's all over your face!" That shit eating grin spread on her face like an oil spill. "Are you still breathing?"

She glanced at Oni with a mischievous glint. Yes, so she was mercilessly teasing the poor man and making him blush even more, but she wasn't done yet. "Gosh, you two should totally go out for a coffee...or something."
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"Just one?" Asked Ezera at the same time that Oni responded. She furrowed her brows as if she couldn't understand why anyone would choose to have one of anything. She was kidding (of course) but it seemed to make Greg blush some more.

She waved at Greg and then started to head back down the street. "Come, sister from another mister. I think we've done good work here but it's time to go and spread joy to the rest of the world."

After a few steps, she looked over to Oni and said, "you wanna carry me back? I'm woman enough to take it."
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"Y-yeah, she is." He answered with an embarrassed stammer and a goofy grin. He waved at them as they sauntered off with their winnings and shook his head.

"Darling, there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. I assure you it's not pain. It's not." She said, providing false reassurances.

Ezera looked sheepish. "Look, I'm fit, but that run was merciless and it made me tiiiiiiiiired. Oooo, I know, let's hitchhike!"

What? There's safety in numbers. "Maybe we'll get someone with a cool story. Or Hannibal Lecter," Ezera waved her hand, ushering away the thought. "But that's super unlikely." She said before sticking her thumb out.

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